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Good Monday morning all . Hope you all had a wonderful weekend . Today we are going to review
OF GUILT AND INNOCENCE . Institute of the Criminal Insane ( Virgil Mclendon thrillers book 3 )

                                           BOOK BLURB
Virgil McLendon, small town sheriff, agrees to look into a murder case. That seems simple enough, but The problems is the scene of the crime is at the Fordham Institute of the Criminally Insane. Every patient is not only a murderer, and not only insane, but are also terrifyingly sad individuals with heartbreaking pasts. . Virgil begins to see that that the crime is all about a secret relating to Abraham Lincoln, a secret that could change history. Virgil races a killer as the body count grows, trying to unravel the mystery before the killer can share it with the world or make sure it is never discovered. Everyone is clinically insane and Virgil fees he is loosing his own mind. Can he nail the killer and decide what to do about the secret before every patient is murdered? Every day, the lines bluff more between the people who are insane and sane, between the right and wrong, and the secret...about a former president, may indeed, be worth killing over.

History, science, psychology, and detective procedures crash together; only part is fiction, the reader may never know which....

*Violence and gore
* Graphic crime scene descriptions
                  MY REVIEW
 Ok this is book three in Virgil's series and when I got this book . I started reading right away and well it is a book that you can't put down. I mean I started this book in the afternoon . I started reading and was immediately taken to a very dark place . Virgil heads to the Fordham institute for the Criminally insane . Where he is thrown into a  murder and has to interview the residents . As they start interviewing each patient, their stories are sadder and sadder with each patient. Can Virgil find the killer before he strikes again and before Virgil looses his mind .
  Wow Catt takes Virgil to the eeriest place on earth , as he works this case you feel like he is being drawn in. The stories of each of the residents is so sad and eerie. Each patients character is more and more sad with each story . Lets just say that she ruined pot roast for me . I will let you read that for yourself . You will start to care for each and very patient in the institute . Virgil just keeps getting better and better with each book . I just fall for him more and more  with each book . He is a no nonsense guy that puts his skills to the test with every case he goes on . I just wanted to hug him while he was on this case . You could see him doubting himself as he  worked the case . Like always he comes out on top and captures his bad guy with good detective work and common sense.
   I am loving this series and can't wait for the next book . I love how Catt can take us to the depths of hell and bring us out the other side . I mean yes she ruined some meals for me but I will tell you . You will cry , cringe yell at your kindle and come out the other side  cheering . Virgil will keep you on the edge of your seat the whole time you read . You may think you have everything out but then BAM  Catt throws you for a loop. Yes she knocked me on my ass with this book . I couldn't put it down, finished it in one sitting . I so can't wait to read book 4 in the series . I know she loves to entwine real life murder cases into her stories . I think that is a reason why I love reading  Virgil's books . There is a touch of truth in each book . I so can not wait to dive into book 4 in the series , Virgil is becoming my number one book hero . I want to see where she will take me next and what will she destroy for me now . So if you want to read a great series that will take you to the depths of hell and bring you back out the other side , cheering. Virgil Mclendon books are for you
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