Saturday, May 9, 2015

Good Saturday all

Good Saturday all , hope your weekend is going great today we are reviewing PARANORMAL FANTASIES A short story anthology by Bree Pierce, Cora A Murray , D.L Colon and Maelee Lynn

                             MY REVIEW

 In the first short story is by Bree Pierce  CAIN THE IMMORTAL , the beginning . Is the story of  Cain and Abel .  How Cain got the mark after killing Abel. He is doomed to walk the earth for ever .
 This short story didn't attract my attention as most short stories go. I love the characters and the direction she was going but I felt like she left us wanting more. Over all I did like the story I just think she could of flushed it out just a little bit more . The concept is great .

 In the second short THE DARK ALPHA  by Cora A Murray . This is the second book in the series . About a were panther / professor that finds his mate and what they go through to get together.
 This is a story line with great characters . The author has written about a panther shifter instead of the overdone wolf. Which for me I really liked Wolf shifters are so over done . Its time to bring on the panthers . Reading this story makes me want to read more from this author and see what she can do with a full novel.

In the third short story A GENIE'S KISS  by D.L Colon. We meet Roy Hudson as time traveler. Roy is a scavenger and loves to find stuff from the past . The author has him telling his tale of time travelling to a group of bar patrons . I really liked this short story. The author has us on the edge of our seat as he tells his tale. The bar patrons are friends and are so funny. I would love to see a whole book of Roy Hudson time traveller and his adventures

In the last short story THE LAST FAIRY by MaeLee Lynn. Is about the last dark fairy who finds out that she is the one the ancients have written about. This short story is a great way to end the book. We have fairies dark and light . Love and romance and an ancient scroll that comes true .
 The author created some very strong characters that would work really well in a full length novel. I would like to see where she will take these characters .

 Over all I really enjoyed this anthology. It is a great afternoon read if you are sitting by the pool in the afternoon.  I hope to see more from these young independent authors in the future . I see great things for all of them .  So if you want a good afternoon read this could be the book for you .

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  1. Great review. Loved all the stories in this book and wait patiently for more