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Welcome to Wednesday or in my life , no amount of coffee will get me motivated day. Today we are reviewing E.V AND ROME  by Giorgina Liguori

                             BOOK BLURB

This is a book about real teenagers, how they speak, what they feel, how they live. E.V. is privileged and unhappy. Rome is poor and sad. The lessons they learn about drugs and sex, about truth and lies, and, most importantly, about how where we come from does not mean that is who we are or what we have to be. One can indeed "re-write your life" and E.V. and Rome do just that. This is a wonderful romance, with a Romeo and Juliet theme, but included are all the trials and tribulations that modern teens face each day. They are so much smarter and wiser than most adults give them credit for. And as usual: Love does conquer all.
                   MY REVIEW
   This is a very well written realistic love story between two young people from different sides of the tracks . They meet and fall in love , It is such a sweet realistic portrayal of what love can over come short comings and the pressures of high school. They learn about sex and drugs and the pressures that come along with them as they  navigate through school .
    The story is told between two alternate points of view . Which sometimes bugs me when I am reading but Giorgina writes these points of view with such care , you start to feel for each character. You get to see them at their most vulnerable and see how they grow and mature through the book. The cast of characters are diverse also , like the gang of kids you hang around with at school. The joker , the Romeo and the rest.  It broke my heart reading Rome's story, he is such a great kid with a bad mother. He is self reliant and can take care of himself , he wants to protect his mother so badly. Even after his mother kicks him out after attacking her boyfriend . You just want to hug him and make everything better . He pulls himself up and does become self sufficient .  E.V is from a life of wealth and privilege but her mother is so materialistic and she wants the perfect children, little dolls. She is lonely but has her blog where she blogs about her life . E.V is a very smart young woman , and does things her own way , despite her parents .
    There is romance in this book , it is not the main focus of the book but it is there. It is sweet and you know you want these kids to make it together. They do talk about sex and the pressure to have it , but they make the smart decision to wait. The author handles their situations with such a dignity, you know she loved them so. She takes them through the trials and tribulations of being a couple and being in high school. She takes us through the pressures of drugs and sex with such dignity .  She knows how to write for the young adult group.
  I really liked this book and am going to gift it to some teenagers that I know. This book should be a read for the teen ager in your life . It is sweet and innocent with the perils of today's high school.
 So check it out and recommend it to any teen ager that you know . I know I will be gifting it to a few I know .

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