Saturday, May 30, 2015

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Today I get the honor of reading and reviewing BROKEN ( Bloom book 3) by Cathy Jackson

                                BOOK BLURB

At best love is complicated with one man.
I have two.
One is my fiance and the other is his brother.
Both want to win my heart.
But I want what God wants.
I can only hope He knows what's best, live in His will, and follow His teachings.
My name is Evelyn Miller.
This is the story of how I became a Westerling.

                    MY REVIEW
 I was so honored when the author of this book asked me to read it for her. I have read her other two books and was blown away. So this time it wasn't different. But this story had more a twist to it . The story is about Evelyn, and Johnathon. How they came to be friends and hopefully fall in love.

 Evelyn is a divorced mother of two young children and is picking herself up and making sure that she and her children have better lives . She is the best friend to John and Phoenix Westerling . She is such a strong character and wants what is best for her , her family and her friends. She knows the difference between right and wrong but when Johnathon Westerling comes into the picture . Well she is torn. Johnathon is the black sheep of the family and has turned his back on them . He has done things that have hurt many people . He is a cocky man , but underneath he is hurting and wants to love. But he can't, or he thinks he can't . It just will take the right woman to stand up to him and set him straight . The rest of the cast of characters is also back and we find out a few things that we didn't know in the other books . But I won't tell you cause it is a big spoiler and one of the reasons Johnathon is the way he is. But trust me you will want to throttle him or hug him most of the time in this book. Trust me there were a few time where I wanted to slap him then in the next page I wanted just to hug him tight.
  This book is full of emotion and you will shed a tear or two . You see the Westerlings at their best and at their worst .But, you will see them love and pull together as a family through the tough times and rejoice in the happy times .  The story is about the family struggles but also about the lost soul who wants to come home but doesn't know how to repair the damage that has been done. You will get sucked into the story of the Westerlings and you will laugh and love with them . You will want to slap a few people too by the way. So if you want a great clean read that will take you on an emotional roller coaster ride of emotion please check out the BLOOM SERIES by Cathy Jackson.

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