Saturday, June 18, 2016


  Good morning all , have you had a book that you when you saw the cover you swooned . Then you started reading it and you need a fan to cool yourself down . Well lets just say Victoria Zak's book MY IMMORTAL COWBOY(Hell's Cowboys book one ) will be that book

                            BOOK BLURB

Will you be ready to serve when Hell’s Cowboys come for you?

There’s a new sheriff in town. With his coven torn apart by corruption, vampire Roman McCoy leads a posse deep underground to prepare for the battle of their lives. His newest recruit, cowboy RC Reid dies after a bull ride and awakens to a new world with vampire benefits. He now could be the key to taking down the vampire king of Diablo, Texas. Torn between the fanged advantages of his new life and the memories of his old one, there’s one thing RC can’t leave behind, Charlee.

Charlee Brysen lost everything the day a bull killed the only man she’ll ever love. But that’s not the only thing that vanished, so did her dreams for college. Now she’s about to lose her family ranch and will do anything to save it. Stripping for cash, her life is flipped upside down when RC waltzes into her club and demands a lap dance. Besides being dead, there’s another little problem; he has fangs! 

As the King of Diablo tightens his icy grip on the coven, Charlee’s life hangs in the balance. RC must save her, but will their love be stronger than blood?

                           MY REVIEW
 Ok lets say this author can write highlander books and was wondering how she would do with cowboys . She rocked it let me introduce The Cowboys of Hell's Cowboys . This is RC and Charlee's book. Meet RC Reid a professional bull rider , who after a horrific wreck ends up in a totally different world. He left behind his one true love Charlee Bryson who now is trying to make ends meet after her grandmother dies . After two years they meet again and sparks fly but there are secrets they both are keeping . When Charlee's life is endangered will RC be able to save her and will they be able to repair the love that they have.
   Omg what can I say about this book but oh it is swoon worthy Victoria takes us on a ride full of action and romance , lots of romance . Who knew that you could take hot cowboys and turn them into vampires and make them even hotter .  This is a fresh take on the whole Vampire western genre the characters are all relatable and you will love the interaction between them . I totally fell in love with a couple of the characters. RC is a hot cock bull rider who is doing it all for the love of his girl Charlee . He is such a cocky guy a true cowboy and you see him grow as you read. He is a sweet guy and would do anything to help his girl . Charlee isn't your typical  woe is me my boyfriend left me type of character . She is a kick ass take names kind of girl . She is doing everything in her power to keep the ranch in her name . She is my kind of girl , she even kicks RC's butt  a time or two . But I think my all time favorite character is Tibbs another of the cowboys , he is going to be a handful in future books . He is a big kid always getting on everyone and making jokes at others expense . I can't wait to read his story. The rest of the men are just hot and mysterious and I can't wait to see how their stories come around .
   This book will be a great summer read , it has the paranormal factor along with the western genre . There are men in wranglers and driving trucks and loving hard and the woman who love them . The story is fun and fresh with a lot of hot and heavy loving thrown in . Trust me ladies you will swoon and your kindle might get a little warm while you are reading . Just have a nice cool drink and a comfy place to read . The story is a fast read so you can have it done in an afternoon, you could read this one by the pool or at the lake .  I can't say enough about this one, its a great start to a great new series . I can't wait for the next book. So if you want a great summer read check it out . The cover alone will make you swoon . Come on ladies I know you all want a cowboy and the cowboys of Hells cowboys are ready to play . 

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