Tuesday, June 28, 2016


  Happy Tuesday all , have you ever found a book that once you start , you get sucked in and when you finally put it down you are done . That's the way its was with THE BITCHES OF EVERAFTER by Barbra Annino.

                            BOOK BLURB

From the author of the number #1 bestselling book, OPAL FIRE, comes a brand new spellbinding trilogy inspired by fairy tale characters.

These are not the mild-mannered maidens of your childhood. These are fallen princesses and fierce women with no recollection of who they are, where they came from, or how they arrived in a mysterious town called Everafter. All they know is that they've been sentenced to a stretch in a half-way house by a malicious judge with an ax to grind. They've been stripped of their freedom, their kingdoms, and their true loves. Now, they have nothing left to lose.

Snow White is the newest parolee to arrive at Granny's House for Girls. It isn't long before she learns that her housemates harbor secrets, and that the mansion itself is a meandering enigma. She stumbles upon forbidden doorways, ghostly passages, and walls that seem to breathe. Determined to find out what’s really happening inside those old walls, Snow embarks on a dangerous discovery mission. Not everyone is thrilled about her nosing around. In fact, there are some who would kill to keep the secrets that the house—and its occupants—hold. 

                                  MY REVIEW
  What do you get when you rewrite the fairy tales , you get 4 princesses that are transported to a different time and are all wiped of their memories and their magic  and become convicted of various crimes . They are forced to live at Granny's house for girls where the house has seen better days. The latest resident to stop by is Snow white and she is the catalyst to bring them all together and remember the world they knew before .
   This book had me in stitches  I have never ever laughed so hard . The way the author wrote the princesses was so great . Cinderella as a lush who married a prince that like the boys better then the girls .  Punzie aka Rapunzel as a stripper who uses her hair as a weapon. and the rest , Belle is really bad ass with her beast .  Even Tinker bell is here , she is kind of a brat in this book and is working for the bad guys and she is fricken hilarious she doesn't remember who she is but knows she wants more. The best character in my opinion is Snow , she has all her aspects but she is darker and more in your face then the fairy tale  will let you believe . She is going to kick some butt and keeps the girls on the straight and narrow and bring back their memories .
   The author takes us on a fun filled ride , the characters are well written and complex . The story line is fun and the characters are quirky . No this isn't a ONCE UPON  A TIME reboot . This story is a laugh a minute .  I have never ever laughed so hard while reading a book . I actually snorted a few times . The ladies are so funny and the situations they are getting into are hilarious.  This would be a great read for the beach or pool side . You will laugh until the tears start to flow . I will tell you though there is a cliff hanger at the end but you will be left wanting the second book . I can't wait till the second book comes out . It is on my list of books to buy . So if you want a fun light read check out THE BITCHES OF EVERAFTER  you will not be disappointed at all .

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