Thursday, June 9, 2016


  Good Thursday all, have you had your heart set on a book that was coming out in a series that you loved so much . That was me when I heard that Pepper Winters was writing another book on Q and Tess . JE SUIS A TOI  is that novella . 

                            BOOK BLURB

The long awaited follow up to the New York Times Bestselling Trilogy Monsters in the Dark.

“Life taught me an eternal love will demand the worst sacrifices. A transcendent love will split your soul, cleaving you into pieces. A love this strong doesn’t grant you sweetness—it grants you pain. And in that pain is the greatest pleasure of all.”

Q made me the happiest esclave in the world. He gave me his heart, his empire, his ruthless unforgiving love. And life finally left us in peace.

A man like my maître has special needs though, growing stronger as our lives intertwine. The only way to survive his monster is to agree to all his desires.

Including his latest wish.

I’m his.

And I won’t refuse.

                            MY REVIEW
   I was so excited when I found out that Pepper Winters was writing another book in the MONSTERS IN THE DARK series . I love Q and Tess but sadly I am going to be in the minority here as I say this . I was kind of disappointed in this book . I will admit that Q and Tess will always be my go to dark couple but this time around we have two people who love each other and are plagued with insecurities. They seem to be that way all the way through this book . It got kind of old real fast, in my opinion.
  The characters of Tess and Q have always been dark and complex. Q always oozed sex appeal and was the ultimate alpha. But honestly in this installment he was way too brooding and kind of a wimp. He kind of drove me crazy . I wanted the tough sexy brooding alpha male , not the over brooding man we had in this book .  Tess and her woe is me act was also getting a bit over the top and half way through the book you just kind of wanted to strangle both of them or lock them in a room and let them have at it.
  I loved all the monsters in the dark series and I adored Q and Tess . This book seemed flat to me , I was wanting the old Q and Tess. I wanted to dive back into my dark characters and fall in love with them all over again . I didn't fall in love again I got bored and found myself skimming the book . Don't get me wrong it is a great ending for Tess and Q but I think the author could of had less brooding and woe is me attitudes from both of them and more of what she is good at . Getting down and dirty with her characters and letting their true lights shine . I will not be giving away any spoilers if you want to find out what happens . Check it out . The ending is good and it is the way it should be for these two characters . So if you want to know how it ends check it out.

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