Saturday, March 23, 2019

   Good Saturday morning all , today I have a really good book for you to read if you love ghost stories . THE SPIRITS OF SIX MINSTREL RUN  by Matthew Cox

                           BOOK BLURB 

A move to the small town of Spring Falls, New York is the perfect cure for Mia Gartner’s horrid commute. However, her new home isn’t quite empty.

She adored working in fine art restoration, but a two-hour ride each way got old fast. When her husband found a house for sale at a suspiciously low price, they jumped at it. Mia expected chemical contamination, a fixer-upper, or termites, so when the problem turned out to be persistent rumors of haunting, she set aside her worries. Adam hoped the place would propel his parapsychology hobby into a career.

Upon first sight, the innocuous suburban house filled Mia with dread. Adam had long maintained she had a psychic gift, but if she believed him, that would mean something terrible and dark once happened there.

Soon after their arrival, unexplained events prove the rumors are more than wild stories. A childlike spirit attaches itself to Mia, seeming harmless and so very lonely.

Alas, she fears the ghost may not be as innocent as it seems.

                             MY REVIEW 
  Moving to a small town sounded like a great plan to Mia and Adam . It would elimnate the horrible commute that Mia drives everyday . When Adam found a great house for a low price they do what any couple would do and put an offer in and got it . This is house is more then it  seems though, once Mia sees the house she is filled with an uneasy feeling and can't shake it .  After a visit from pastor Weston things start to go weird . Mia and the ghost have become attached and all isn't what it seems .  Mia is fearing the worst that the ghost child is isn't what she seems to be and something more sinister is at play here . 
   The characters are so very well written and complex . Mia and Adam are a young couple who want the american dream of owning their own home . Mia is a strong woman who will do whatever it takes to keep her and her husband safe . She does get to freak out a few times but over all she is strong and determined even though she has had a horrible past .  Adam is well he is kind of a dweeb every now and then sometimes he comes off as inconsiderate of what Mia is going through. Then there are times where he is the hero and saves Mia . Robin well she is the little girl that is haunting the house you don't knwo which way she will go . She can be a sweet girl and then there is the evil side of her that comes out . Oh the character i love is Wilehmenia she is such a cool character . She helps out the couple with wiccan help . She is strong and headstrong and you will love her .  You will love these characters or hate them if you are inclined . 
   I sat down to start reading this book looking forward to see how the author handles a ghost story . What I wasn't expecting is to be sucked into a story that at times had the hairs on my arms standing up and chills running up my spine . The book started off as a good ghost story , the characters are amazing but as you read the book it got creepier and creepier .  The author has so much going on from ghosts . to human behaviour and a religious zealo running awry . It blends into a book that you can't put down and has you on the edge of your seat through out the whole story  This is a story for those of us like me who love a great ghost story that isn't full of guts and gore . This story makes you think about how you would handle things .  So I will say this read this book, you will not be disappointed and you will get a great ghost story . 

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