Friday, March 22, 2019


 Made it to another Friday , can I get an amen . Today I have the perfect book for your weekend reading. LIVING HELL. Chaos Ensues ( witches brew book three) by N.L Hoffmann

                            BOOK BLURB 

Sophie doesn’t know how her life got turned so upside down. Drake, who has been taken over by a rogue demon, is on the loose, wreaking havoc. She needs to stop him before he kills anyone else. But how is that possible when she doesn’t know if she’s seeing the demon or Drake?

Ethan, a Mage, wants Sophie all to himself, but he knows she still loves Drake. Despite telling himself Drake should suffer horribly for how he treated her, he does the only thing he can to make her happy. Says he’ll help her rescue her ex. Ethan just hopes it’s the right decision.

Embarking on a mission to destroy the demon, Sophie and Ethan find themselves in a life-or-death struggle. Will either of them make it out alive?

                     MY REVIEW 
     What do you do when your world has been turned upside down . that is what Sophie is trying to figure out , the love she thought she had with Drake is thrown to the wayside as he is running around with a rogue demon trying to take over. Then there is Ethan who wants Sophie all to himself . Between the two of them they have Sophie trying to make the right decision as they head out to try and kill the demon . Will they make it out alive . 
   I absolutely adore the characters in the series . Sophie well she is just one kick butt take charge kind of woman, who is also sweet and vulnerable when it comes to the men in her life . She is trying so hard to be the headmistress of the witches but its hard to come to terms with. She is tough as nails also . i really love her and her sass . Ethan well he is still as sexy as sin and in love with Sophie . There is more to him then meets the eyes . He is a really good guy and would do anything for Sophie .  In this book Drake is well he isn't himself , I really wanted to hit him up side the head a few times in this book . He is evil and i mean evil you just don't want to trust him . These characters keep getting better and more complex. You will love them . 
   I sat down and started reading this installment and was instantly sucked in . I couldn't put the book down . The characters are well written and complex . The story is evolving and you will love what happens . There is so much that goes on in the book from Sophie getting a dragon to some very big news that you will have to read about . Not going to spoil it for you .There is mystery intrigue and oh so much smexiness going on . Trust me this book will keep you on the edge of your seat and fanning yourself at the same time . I suggest that you read the other books before diving into this one so you will know what is going on . Check out the series and you will not be disappointed 

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