Wednesday, March 27, 2019


   Good Wednesday morning all , today we have a prequel to review . FINDING THEIR RHYTHM  the prequel to Back on Track series by J.C layne

                            BOOK BLURB 

Two young boys. A friendship that lasts a lifetime. A dream that they refuse to give up on.

Who would’ve thought that matching band t-shirts would be the beginning of a multi-decade friendship? That’s exactly what happened with Brett Winters and Mitch Lansing. From the time they met in middle school, the two were inseparable, quickly becoming more like brothers.

Fast forward a few years and no one gets them in their haughty Atlanta high school, so they spend their time with a few carefully chosen friends, bonding over stolen beer and their love of music. The boys dream of a life in rock n’ roll and their band, Peanuts Envy, is going to be their ticket to the big time.

Finally in college, the bond gets tested, girls get in the way, and they find themselves on different paths. What began as a childhood dream in a greasy car garage could end up being the very thing that will force them to part. 

                            MY REVIEW 
 What do you do when you see the same guy wearing the same band t shirt as you , you strike up friendship that would last for years .  Brett and Mitch met in middle school and forged a friendship that would take them all the way through high school and beyond . When things get tough and their high school they keep company with a small group of friends and start a band. Dreaming of a rock and roll life they start Peanuts Envy. But like all good things there is always some conflict . When they hit college , bonds get stretched and girls get in the way and each are sent on different paths in life . Will they be able to keep the band together or will what they started long ago be the thing that splits them apart.
    I truly liked the characters in this story , they are complex and likable . Brett and Mitch are your typical teenagers . I feel that Brett is the more emotional lovable one  and Mitch is the one that wants it all , he wants fame and fortune and just get out of the home town. There are girls that come and go and so called friends that come and go from their lives . Noone can tear them apart . You will really like these guys and think back to what your high school was like . 
    This is a book that you can read and it takes you back to your high school years . The friendships and hardships that you have lived through is in this book . The characters are really well written and you can really relate to them . I laughed  and man i ugly cried through parts of the book . There were a few scenes where i laughed so hard thought my poor husband was shaking his head at me. Even though i loved this book i felt that there were some areas just kind of dragged out a little bit . That didn't stop me from liking the characters and the story line . So if you want to meet the guys when they were young check out this story , 

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