Saturday, March 16, 2019


  Woohoo it is Saturday and the sun is shining and the snow is starting to melt . Today I am going to review another new author to me E.L Reedy and A.M Wade.  DARK SOUL CHOSEN  (Soul Dark #1)

                            BOOK BLURB 

War is coming between Lukas’ Goddess and an ancient Demon Lord. But the death of his parents shakes his faith, and with the loss of his remaining family it is shattered. Blinded by rage, Lukas turns away from his friends and trains under a deceptive, yet formidable master to hone his magic and prevent the demon’s final objective--obliteration of all life on earth.
War begins! A forged weapon, Lukas rejoins his friends and sets after the Demon King. From a hidden crypt, where evil lies waiting, to the Iowa countryside, they battle to prevent the end of all they know. Lukas must overcome his doubts and allow the Light to work through him--to defeat both the foe of his Goddess and a new more familiar one.
Soul Dark: Chosen is a coming of age tale in the modern-day world when a war between ancient deities and demons culminates in a winner-takes-all battle that could determine the fate of all mankind.

                       MY REVIEW 
   Lukas is having a crisis of father after his parents die and his brother is killed . His faith is shaken to its core. But there is war coming between Lukas's Goddess and a very ancient Demon lord . Lukas must learn to weild his power to help save his friends and the earth . He must over come his doubts and fears and let the power of the Goddess of light work through him to save the world . 
   This is a book you want to invest some time and settle down and read . The characters are well written and complex . Lukas is the main character and he is well he is such a conflicted young man . He has been through so much in his young life from his parents death and his grandmother trying to teach him the ways of the Goddess . He just kind of shuts down and broods . You really want to slap him a few times at the beginning . He grows up as you read into the book he really evolves and becomes the hero that is needed . Sabine is his best friend and she is his love interest but he doesn't see it most of the time . She is kind of kick butt and takes no guff from no one . They go up against a truly evil character the Demon King that is truly evil . I actually liked the way this he is written . 
  This is a book where you can sit down and start reading and know its a fantasy book but set in today's time . The author takes us on a very emotional rollercoaster ride which takes us on a journey of self forgiveness and doing the right thing  even save the world . I will say though it does take a little bit to get into the book but once you are in you can't stop reading . I really liked the way the author mixed the real world with the fantasy world of Druids and demons . I truly enjoyed reading this book and going to look for other books by the authors . So if you want a good fantasy book check it out.

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