Monday, March 11, 2019


 Wow I am back the rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated , but man I seriously thought that the grim reaper was coming to get me .  So as my back from the brink of death review . I am going to review the newest Grim Reaper book by Boone Brux . FIREWEED AND BRIMESTONE
book three in the  The Grim Reality series

                            BOOK BLURB 


It seems rather fitting that I’m a grim reaper who happens to be a widow. In fact, my husband’s death ignited a chain of events that shook my life and landed me as GRS’s newest grim reaper. He’s been dead for over a year, but I can’t shake the feeling that the circumstances surrounding his car accident aren’t what they appear.

My suspicions are confirmed when I find a receipt for a storage locker rented in his name. Of course, I have to investigate, but what will I find? Was he leading a double life, cheating on me? If only. What I find makes me wish another family in Ohio was all he’d been mixed up in.

As pieces of the puzzle surrounding my husband’s death fall into place, I discover a scheme so diabolical, it could change the face of death as we know it—and not in a good way. Using our mad reaper skills, my partner Nate and I skirt the edge of ethereal rules, call on some old friends to help, and learn there’s a lot more to being a grim reaper than we ever imagined—or wanted to know.

                           MY REVIEW 
   Just another day in the life of a GRS employee . Lisa Carron has had a really rough year . After her husband's death a little over a year ago  her world has been topsy turvy .  The day she thinks she has a handle on her and her children's life a mysterious reciept shows up and throws hers and Nates lives over the edge yet again. As the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place , there is still things that aren't fitting . With Nate and some of her old friends helping out things will get figured out . But will they survive to live another day.

  Lisa and Nate are back and honestly funnier then ever . Lisa just keeps getting better and better . Her snarky attitude is back and working better then ever . She also still has a sadness about her, trying to grieve for her husband , the new man in her life and well working for a living has her going every which way . I love her cause she is the heroine of the story but she isn't perfect in any sense of the word .  Now Nate well he is still lovable as ever and still as sexy as sin . He is really conflicted in this book , he knows what he wants but there is something that is stopping him . Some characters are back to help them out Mara is back and still as kick butt as she was in book two . We also get to meet a new Reaper who is as deadly as he is sexy . Oh and then there is Chaos , you will love this evil character . Oh and we get to meet Lisa's brother Jerad not sure about him yet he seems like a player in away 

   I sat down and started reading this book and couldn't put it down, I love this authors way of writing .  Her characters are snarky and sassy and you just can't get enough of them. The characters just keep getting better and more complex . This is a fun read and i was giggling through out the whole story. .  There is so much that actually gets revealed in this book that will make you go OMG and then have you saying ahah i can't believe they just did that or wow i didn't see that coming . I will let you know that this book has a big cliff hanger  and i can't wait for book 4 now cause i really want to know what the heck will happen. Like will Alaska survive the onslaught that is coming , will Nate and Lisa finally have more then one romantic night together and will Bronte come out of her teen age snit . I strongly suggest that you read the book in order so you can really get the feel for Lisa and the gang .  Trust me you will laugh so hard you will snort and there are some moments where you will just want wrap each of them up in a blanket and hug them tight. Over all you will laugh yourself silly and fall in love with each and every character . So if you want a fun, fast read check it out 

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