Monday, March 25, 2019


   Good morning all , hope everyone survived the weekend . Today we are going to review THE BOY IN THE WINDOW by Ditter Kellen . She is becoming one of my new favourite authors .

                           BOOK BLURB 

Jessica and Owen Nobles are heartbroken over the loss of their son, Jacob. Jessica has taken his death especially hard, spending the past three years sedated and under the care of a psychiatrist. Desperate to save his wife, Owen moves the couple to Florida, hoping a change in scenery will remind her how to live again.

When Jessica begins to see a small boy in the upstairs window of the abandoned home next door, she goes to investigate, only to find the house empty. Afraid that she may be seeing things, Jess does an internet search on the home’s address. What she finds is an image of the boy from the window—a boy that’s been missing more than thirteen years.

Reluctant to tell her husband, Jessica sets out to find what information she can on the child’s disappearance. Yet, someone is going to great lengths to stop her.
To make matters worse, bodies begin dropping around her like flies. And she's the prime suspect in the killings. If Jessica doesn’t back off now, she risks losing more than just her mind…she could very well lose her life.

                         MY REVIEW
    After Jessica and Owen Nobles loose their son they are so heartbroken Jessica has taken the loss so hard that she was sedated and under a psychiatrist for over three years . They have lost each other . When Owen decides to move them to Florida hoping Jessica will come to terms with the death and start to learn to live again. But once in Florida Jessica sees an young boy in the window of the empty house next store which sends her on a mission to find out who the boy is . What lengths will she go to to solve the mystery . What is she willing to give up . 
   The characters what can i say about them they are well written and complex . Jessica well she is a mess , she is blaming herself for her son's death and it is taking a toll on her. When we first meet her  She is hurting and you really just want to wrap her up and hug her and tell her everything will be ok . After she moves to Florida you actually see her start to change and become a very strong character . She finally has a mission that will keep her going and maybe actually grow up and out of the depresssion she is in. With Owen we see a man just trying to hold it together for both he and his wife. He is strong but also so flawed , he doesn't trust his wife and he needs a good shake to wake him up . They are such a damaged couple but they grow and they will grow on you . There are so many other characters in the book that you will love to hate . You just don't know who you can trust and who is the evil ones . 
  I sat down and started reading wondering how the author was going to  attack the thriller genre. I must say that when i started reading I was like ok this is good but as soon as i said ok i am liking this book . Boom the author does a twist that has me on the edge of my seat going holy what the heck was that . Trust me the author threw a bunch of twists and turns that will keep you reading .  The story is actually plausible and it could happen in real life , I mean missing children, murder and the aftermath of the loss of a child . The characters are believable and you will love them or hate them you will make you mind up as you read . So if you want a really good thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat all the way through. This is the book for you . You will be sucked in and taken on the ride of your life . Check it out . 

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