Wednesday, March 10, 2021


   Good morning everyone , hope your Wednesday finds you well and reading up a storm . Today I have for you  book 8 in The Mists of Mayhem and Magic series . WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME  by Hp Mallory . 

                            BOOK BLURB 

  Episode 8: Wrong Place, Wrong Time

Sinjin and Bryn have been reunited with Jolie in the Abyss. But, the reunion is short-lived when they find themselves fighting for their lives…

Meanwhile, Emma and Stone are enjoying their own little vacation in Sinjin’s mountain retreat, away from the dangers the real world poses. But, when Stone finally comes clean with Emma regarding who and what he is, Emma realizes there’s only one person who can help them… her father.

After failing to convert Duine to his way of thinking, Laucian takes matters into his own hands when he seeks the magical knowledge of Nyx, only to learn she’s become the prisoner of Duine…

Find out what happens in the eighth episode of The Mists of Magic and Mayhem!

                    MY REVIEW 
  Jolie and the gang are almost out of the abyss and feeling are coming out . Bryn and Sinjin are starting to reconnect and Jolie is torn between two men. Emma and Stone are falling for each other more even when the enemy is chasing them back down the mountain .  Will everyone survive to finally see each other again

   There is so much that goes on in this installment. Jolie and Bryn are fighting to get free. They are fighting hard to come out of the Abyss . I will say the characters are just getting better . Emma is finally coming into her power and Stone is falling in love with her hard .  Rand is stuck in his own mess that he is finding harder and harder to get out of . I love reading Bryn and Sinjin fight the feelings they have for each other . They know they belong together but there is so much hurt between them . I love how the author is taking these characters and bringing them to their mutual enemy with their own ways of getting there. 

   This is a great installment of the series and it is a fast read. There is a lot going on in this installment we find out the reason why Jolie was held in the abyss for those ten years . We get to see love start to bloom between Emma and Stone.  The author really can tell a story with these character and we get to see them grow with each new installment. I can't wait to see what happens next with these characters . If you want a great series to read check them out you will love them . 

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