Friday, March 19, 2021


  Good afternoon all lets have a wooooohooooooo that its Friday . Today I have a new series for you from Iuliana Foos . ADANYA TEBBET-THEUS AND THE DARK MASK (  A Family Legacy series book one)

                             BOOK BLURB 

   An overlord cursed to spend his days as a ruthless, emotionless beast of a man; a woman hell-bent on revenge; when these two meet, heaven and earth implode.

Driven by hatred and a thirst for revenge, Adanya wants nothing more than to kill the tyrant Overlord Xarrix, the beast behind the mask. Until he, the man she holds responsible for her parents’ deaths, blackmails her into marrying him.

From behind the safety of his mask, Xarrix has taken the galaxy hostage with his impressive armada, as well as enough secrets to bend anyone’s will. A prophecy reveals the beauty determined to end his life is the key to his hidden desire for peace--if he can conquer her heart.

When worlds and swords collide, Adanya and Xarrix are unprepared for hatred to turn into love. Crossing the line between enemies to lovers, proves to be a much higher price for the desired peace than either were prepared for. Only one question remains: can they find love and bring about peace before one of them dies?

                                 MY REVIEW
  Adanya is bent on revenge , she wants to kill the overlord Xarrix but he has other plans for her. He black mails her into marrying him . From the safety of his mask Xarrix has the whole galaxy scared of him . When a prophecy is foretold and the one that is suppose to kill him .Is his destiny and will bring peace to galaxy. Will they be able to find their way to each other or will one of them die before peace comes to them.

 This is a space aged retelling of a fairy tale . The characters are well written . Adanya well she is a strong woman who honestly is her own worst enemy sometimes . She is bent on revenge and nothing else .There is a sadness to her also that she can't hide. Xarrix is well he is not a nice man when we first meet him. There has been so much that went on in his life . He hides his scares behind a mask and really doesn't trust anyone . There is much more to him and we get to see him become a better man through out the book . We also get to meet some characters that well you really don't know if they are good or bad. They are such a fun couple to read and you will fall in love with them. 

  This is a fun read where you get the vibe of Beauty and the Beast . The author has a fun style of writing that will have you hooked by the third chapter . The characters are so much fun to read. Adanya is so bent on revenge you want to hug her and say everything is ok . The author did a great job with her and the other characters . This is read has it all revenge a mystery and romance yes it has romance .  So if you want a fun fantasy read check it out . You will have a great time reading it 

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