Saturday, March 20, 2021


  Good afternoon all today I have the second book in the PLANET SEEKERS series . TEAM TAORUTI  by Tonya Cannariato.

                             BOOK BLURB

    Going home is never easy, especially when you have uncontrolled new powers and an impossible mission assigned by a snarky planet.

A week ago, they were catapulting through space. Five days ago, they discovered the beauty of TaoRuti Three, answering the prayers of a beleaguered Earth. Three days ago, TR3 shoved them through an interplanetary wormhole to insure no further planetary rapists were deployed.

To say that Drs. Marina Spitzer and Leonardo Federici are under the gun might be an understatement.

Adding to the mess, they need to discover why Phoenix, Inc. has erased all record of their team’s triumphant departure a mere few years ago, and how a mysterious shadow cabal has gained overwhelming political power back on Earth. And there’s the uncomfortable, unstated deadline from the sentient planet TaoRuti Three hanging over their heads.

They both saw how deadly she was when she didn’t like what she was seeing, so the clock is ticking. Assistance from any corner would be helpful. Or would it?

                  MY REVIEW 
  When Dr Marina Spitzer and Dr. Leonardo Federici are pushed through and worm hole back to earth . Where they find her best friend Katje and also find the earth is wiping them from the face of the earth . Reporting that they have died . There is a cabal on earth that is taking over slowly . Rina nd Leo need to find out why they are trying to take over earth and try and figure out what is happening before its too late . .

I truly liked Rina and Leo in this book . Rina is such a strong woman and she is out to find out what is happening with the earth. She is smart and resilient . She cares deeply for all things nature .Underneath her tough exterior there beats a heart that is tender and caring . Leo is her rock and is a strong man . He will do almost anything to help Rina out he has a soft side . Katje is a fun character , we don't get a lot from her at first she is a scientist that is hidden away in an under the water paradise . But like all good characters there is more to her and when it happens it actually shocks everyone.

  This is a book that you can settle down and read in an evening . The characters are well written and complex and the story is a potent one of what can happen in today's world. The author has a way of writing that will have you hooked by the end of chapter one .  I really liked this addition to the series and i felt the story moved very fast and I was on the edge of my seat for most of it . It can be read as a stand alone but if you really want to get to know the characters check out book one . So check it out I promise you will not be disappointed .  

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