Wednesday, August 10, 2022


  Good morning peeps , it is Wednesday one day closer to the weekend . Today I have another new author to me Melissa Groeling and her book BETWEEN THE DARK SPACES 

                           BOOK BLURB

  Every family has its secrets. Every family tries its hardest to keep them buried.

One stupid mistake and Chapman Woolfe was painfully aware that he was in over his head. There was this new job he was forced to get, this drug habit that his closest friend was trying to kick, and there was Aris Black - the waitress he couldn’t stop thinking about.

When tragedy forms an unlikely bond between them, Aris and Chap realize they have more in common than just spilled blood. There is a shared legacy between their families, built on a foundation of misery and pain that now threatens to tear their lives apart.

Will they be able to navigate the abyss of their tangled past? Or will they succumb to an inevitable revenge that may cost them everything?
                      MY REVIEW 
 Chapman Woolfe is way over his young head, he is forced to get a job to pay back a credit card debt to his dad . He is trying to get through school and is watching is best friend Gabe try and kick his drug addiction. Then in walks Aris the young waitress that boy oh boy he can't stop thinking about her . When a tragedy brings them closer together and they start to unravel the past and what legacy of pain has done to them . Will they be able to come out from under the pain or will the pain be the thing that pulls them down and cost them everything . 
 Ok there are  lot of characters in this book and I mean a lot . Chapman is up front and center as the young man who is conflicted and just trying to do what everyone wants of him. He kind of starts off as a naive young kid but as you read he really starts to grow up and stand up for himself . There is so much that happens to him, he really just wants things to be ok . Gabe is his best friend and he is one of those characters that you will just want to wrap up and hug . He is a tortured soul who well is drug addicted and you just feel the hopelessness in his demeanor . You will really care for him . Aris is a sweet girl who is doing her best to keep her and her dad safe. She is a strong young woman who will not take anything from anyone . There is a cast of secondary characters that will add so many twists in the story . From the older brothers to family members . Each of them play significant roles in the story and hiding secrets . 
  This is a ya book but I would say for older teens , there is violence and yes they talk about drug addiction but there is also a story of a young man trying to make his way through life and figure out what and who he is . The characters are well written and you really want to keep them safe . The story is relevant  in today's world and everyone knows someone who is going through drug addiction and trying to get clean and the pressures that go along with it. This is one of those stories that will have you shed a tear every now and then and maybe get a little angry with a few of the characters . I enjoyed this book but I felt like it kind of dragged in parts then all of a sudden it felt rushed at the end with all the reveals . Over all it is a really good book that will make you think and want to hug the ones you love just a little harder . So if you want a book that will give you all the feels check it out . 

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