Monday, August 8, 2022


  Good afternoon my peeps I hope that you are all taking it easy . I can't believe that summer is half over . I hope you are all finding some good summer reads . Today I have another new author to me Dana Mason and her book FINDING BAILEY ( A Lake Tahoe Romance book )

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An unknown past threatens her future...

After losing her mother, Bailey Morton faces cleaning out her family’s Lake Tahoe home. What she finds amongst the dust shatters the image of what she always considered an ordinary life with her ordinary family. Her true identity unknown, Bailey plows headlong into a dangerous journey of deception and death to find the real reason behind her abandonment, and why her parents kept her adoption a secret.

When Bailey’s boyfriend refuses to help, she turns to her best friend, Ryan, for support. As the pair digs into her past, the bond between them deepens to an unexpected level. For Bailey, facing long-buried family skeletons is easy compared to coming to terms with her feelings for Ryan. As Ryan and Bailey grow closer to discovering her family’s darkest secret, they realize somebody will stop at nothing to keep the secret buried… even if that means burying her.

                     MY REVIEW
  Bailey is mourning the death of her parents, she is working hard at trying to not let their deaths overwhelm them.  Ryan is her best friend and well he loves her but can't get out of the friend zone for now . Until the day she finds out that she was adopted but she could be a missing child that was lost when she was a baby .  When things go from bad to worse the man she was dating is hiding a secret and she breaks up with him . Until the day that she is kidnapped and her life is ripped apart . Will Ryan and the gang find her before she is gone for good and will she be able to come to terms with her new life and the love that is standing right in front of her . 
    This is a story that has some really good characters . Bailey is a young woman who has a lot going for her . She has great friends and a good job and she had a great childhood . When she finds out that she was adopted she shows that she is up for whatever is going on to find out the truth. She is a little bombshell , she may act like she needs help but she is stronger then you know and will blow you away when things get tough. Ryan is the sweetest guy and he is there for Bailey for what every she needs and when push comes to shove he will move the world to find her and keep her safe . Along with her friends they have a great family unit and they would do anything for any of them . These characters are well written and you will love them . 
  This is one of those stories that has so much going on . There are friends to lovers , mystery and a striking family story. The author takes us on an a wild ride full of self doubt and love that defies the troubles of the main characters past . i found that I wanted to know what happened through out the book and was on the edge of my seat most of the time . There was one thing I felt like it could of been two books the part where Bailey was abducted and found then the story of her meeting her family and the emotions of what both those things did to her .I kind of felt it was just a little rushed . Over all I did enjoy this book and want to read more from this author . So here is another book for your summer reading list.

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