Thursday, August 25, 2022


  Happy Friday eve all , its been a long week here and it is almost the weekend , hopefully a lake weekend . Today I have a creepy book for you from a new author to me . So lets dive into SOUP by Kate De Jonge

                             BOOK BLURB

 Ashley McCormack was brutally abused as a child, but she's found a way to thrive as the sadistic Assistant Coroner at the City of Changusay morgue. Convicts from a nearby maximum security prison get shanked on a regular basis, and Ashley loves to play with their remains, picturing her estranged father with every slice of her scalpel. When the morgue is updated with the newest in "environmentally friendly" human disposal systems, the Alkaline Hydrolysis HT500, a fellow member of her dark web death group makes an offer she can't refuse. No really, she can't.

                       MY REVIEW

  Ashley McCormack is a corner for the Chanqusay morgue . She has been abused most of her life and secretly wants to get back to those that abuse and hurt women . She has a secret passion she loves to play with some of the inmates remains . Until the day they get a new way to cremate the bodies by liquifying them. Then the mysterious phone call comes in, will she or won't she do what is asked of this group of people . The offer they make is one offer she really can't refuse . 

 Ok I am going to say Ashley was honestly a character I wanted to hate well for obvious reasons what she is doing . But like all characters she does get under your skin and you learn to love her . She is one emotionally wrought person . She has so many scars that are hidden that will make you feel for her . She is a strong woman even though she has been through some horrific things . She is also a loner who really just wants to be alone and do here thing on the computer and her group of friends on line . She is complex and well written . I commend the author on the fact she made me actually like Ashley .

 This is a fast read , it is a novella that is only 72 pages . But in those 72 pages the author creates a dark gripping tale  which is highly disturbing. You will find yourself on the edge of your seat most of the way through . I have one wish that it could of been longer I really want to get to Ashley more and see if her dream does come true .  So if you want a creepy little tale for you October Halloween reads check it out .  

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