Tuesday, August 2, 2022


  Good morning peeps ,hope your week is going well and you are staying cool . Today I have for you the second book in the Sister Jo series . JAX'S JO  by VJ Lee. 

                         BOOK BLURB 

  When an evil sweeps into the Valley of Sisters, and the one plant that sustains them is dying out, it’s time for Jax Underwood to man up and work with the one person who has dug her roots into his heart then ripped them out, leaving a gaping hole. It would help if he hated her, but it’s not hate that he feels when he sees her again.

Kelly Jo left her home realm behind ten years ago, along with her heart. Now she’s back to help Jax, the male who pushed her away, in order to find a cure for the mysterious illness that has the Sister of Peace in its deadly grasp. But with the plants that once spoke so clearly to them whispering riddles, they’ll need to work closely and try not to lose their hearts again in the process.

Will thorny vines grip them by the hearts, causing them to bleed out? Or will beautiful flowers of love bloom once again?

                    MY REVIEW
 What do you do when there is an unknown evil sweeps the valley of the sisters . The only plant that will help them out is dying . Jax has to work with the one sister that has planted herself in his heart but a fight and a betrayal has torn them apart . Jax must travel to the human realm to find her and ask for her help . Kelly Jo is living in the human realm and was surprised when the man she loved for so long comes and asks for help. Together they must put the past behind them and work on fixing on what is going on in the valley . They can help heal the sick sisters and maybe heal themselves in the process . 
   Ok Jax is wow , he is a Jason Mamoa look a like and well is just sexy and kind of gruff . He does surprise you and he has a heart of gold underneath the big burly gruff man. It does take him a bit to realize that he was in the wrong in the past but he does get it through his thick skull. Its fun watching him grovel and boy does he grovel well. Kelly Jo she is sweet and in control of what she wants but there is an ache in her heart though . She is also tougher then she thinks she is, even when she has self doubts about herself and her feelings for the big man.  Tempest is well she is evil underneath a pretty package, she is out to cause chaos between the men and the sisters . The guys don't remember what is happening and the one sister that know what is going on no one listens to.  I truly love these characters they are so well written and complex you feel every emotion that they have . 
  This is one of those books that you curl up with and don't put down until you are done . The author has a way of painting a picture that sucks you in and keeps you reading . You will love the characters and cheer for them . This could be read as a stand alone but to understand more I would read book one first then dive into this one. This should round out your summer reading challenge. Check it out .

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