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  Good morning my peeps , it is Thursday and wow one more day till the weekend . I have saved the best book of the reader round up for last .  I simply adore this author and her books so lets get to it . THE OTHERS AGENCY  by V.J Lee 

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 Vampires, Shifters, Trolls, and Aliens … Oh my! They all do exist, and that’s where Rissa Jackson comes in. She can see what lurks under the mask of Others, whether it’s a beautiful dream or the horrible nightmare. It’s what brought her into the Other’s Agency, but her ability in the field is what has kept her there, making her one of the top agents … well, that and Trevor Snow.

It’s their job to keep the secrets of the Others and clean up their messes. But when the one woman Trevor can’t seem to get out of his system, his ex, shows back up with a gorgeous child on her hip, Rissa knows their time together is fleeting.

Trevor Snow wants to do the right thing for the son he never knew, by being a happy family unit, and that doesn’t include Rissa. But his love for Rissa clouds everything he thought he wanted. Can he regain control, and finally break free of his ex’s strangling hold on him? Or will all the secrets coming forth destroy everything and everyone he holds dear? And maybe even cost him his beloved career in the Other’s Agency?

                     MY REVIEW 
 The Others Agency is a secret agency that keeps the others in the dark, Vampires were wolves and trolls and so much more . Rissa is one of the top agents , she can see under the mask and find those that are hiding in plain sight. It is her job to keep the secrets and clean up the messes of the others . There is one man in the agency that well has her heart and well he continues to break it . Especially when an old flame walks into his life and well he treats Rissa like crap and walks away from everything that they had . When someone goes after the one thing that Trevor and Rissa love the most , Jacob they must work together and try and keep their feelings to themselves and get to the bottom of what is going on. Rissa will put herself in the line of fire to save Jacob and put her life in danger for the safety of everyone . Will Trevor be able to keep it together long enough or will his stubbornness cost him everything . 

  I love the characters in this book . The author really writes such great complex main characters. Rissa is no exception. She is tough and in control but when it comes to the ones she loves it seems she is the giver . She gives everything to everyone but hides the fact that she is hurting . Especially when it comes to those she loves . She is also so stubborn sometimes you want to just shake some sense into her .  Trevor well he is sexy and alpha but he is also kind of tortured because of two women . There are moments that you just really want to slap him upside the head and scream at him for being such a jerk . He really puts his foot in his mouth quite a few times . I seriously think my favourite character is Cosmos , he is a light alien and he is a hoot . He makes sexual innuendos all the time and really loves to push Trevor's buttons . I seriously think that Cosmos is a tortured soul he may be big and brawny and scoffing at love . I truly think he wants love and to be loved .  There are so many characters that we get to meet through the book that all are part of Rissa's life . These characters are very well written and complex . The author took the time to make them lovable but with faults .

  This is one of those books that you can totally engrossed in . The characters alone will keep you entertained but the story line will have you flipping pages to see what will happen next. There are moments that I felt that the two main characters really needed their heads smashed together to knock some sense into them and it kind of dragged when they were doing the whole I hate you thing . Over all this is one of those books that you will love to read . So check it out and add it to your end of summer reading list . 

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