Wednesday, August 31, 2022


  Good afternoon peeps , I can't believe that it is the last day of the month . Tomorrow is the first day of Sept . Today I have a new author for you NOWHERE TO RUN  by S.K Gregory . 

                            BOOK BLURB

 With killer werewolves on her tail and the mysterious Council breathing down her neck, Nissa is going to have to trust in her own abilities if she hopes to survive.

After half-wizard Nissa’s power to manipulate time ends in tragedy, she flees home to Nowhere, but before long, her past catches up to her, in the form of another supernatural asking for help.

Nissa has one rule: no fraternizing with customers. Especially of the sexy werewolf variety. Blake, however, won’t take no for an answer…and neither will the dead body in the bar parking lot.

If anyone discovers her abilities, they’ll exploit her, and she’s too ready to think Blake will be an exception. Yet, he’s pulled her into the mystery, and tasks her with helping get his sister out of town.

It won’t be easy, but if anyone understands being on the run, it’s Nissa. Problem is, time is running out, and if Nissa doesn’t figure out who the real killer is before they strike again, she could be the next victim.

                      MY REVIEW 
   Nissa is a half wizard and she can manipulate time , but that ends up in a tragedy . After that she heads home to Nowhere . Where she helps her mom run the local bar. Until the day her past comes back to haunt her when another supernatural comes asking for help. .  She tries to stay out of it but when a sexy werewolf named Blake comes sauntering into her life . Combine that with the dead body in the alley . What is a girl to do.

  This is one of the books that you instantly fall in love with the heroine . Nissa is sassy and clever but she is haunted by her past . Nissa is strong willed and feisty . I really enjoyed her  Blake is well he is sexy and does have a sweet side to him. They are such fun characters and you will truly get involved with them . There are also a pack of wolves that are like a cult that Nissa and Blake have to go against and there is one sexy vampire that you can't trust .

 For the first book I have read from this author , I truly enjoyed the book . The characters are well written and on the way to becoming complex . The story is a fun fast read ,I read it in an evening and I couldn't put it down . I love stories that flow easily and you can really get into the characters .  There is a mystery , intrigue and there is a romance also . There are some steamy scenes between Nissa and Blake so you get it all . So if you want a fun read to start Sept off check it out 

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