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Today we are doing a author shout out and a review for Nicholas Tanek and his book THE COOLEST WAY TO KILL YOURSELF. The title is deceiving cause no one actually really dies in this book.

Okay, so no one physically kills  themselves in this book.

The Coolest Way to Kill Yourself pulls you into the early 90’s New York City rave scene, in all its chaotic, psychedelic glory. The narrator grabs you by your wrist and drags you behind two teenage lovers from New Jersey as they tumble through a whirlwind of reckless hedonism that eventually spirals into a dark, devastating world of drug addiction and heartbreak.

As a teenager, Lynn cried, “No one is ever going to write something for me.”

Nearly two decades later, in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Nicholas did just that. The gesture came too late for our unlikely heroine, but his heart was in the right place. A broken heart… but a true love.

Reunited after years apart, Lynn and Nicholas embraced their love and sexuality, and embraced each other, despite troubled pasts, despite illness, despite all of their imperfections and mistakes. They shared the kind of honest and shameless connection that few have had the honor of knowing, and most would never understand.

“We’re not hurting anyone. We’re just living life without caring what anyone thinks about us, without caring about the consequences.”

“It’s the coolest way to kill ourselves,” Lynn said.

So turn the page, and pull the trigger.

What some people are saying…

“I used to think that I was a fairly liberal and open-minded person. But this world is truly a world outside my comprehension and comfort zone.” – my sister-in-law

"You will never publish this book.” – my ex-wife

“Are you crazy? I can’t believe you are publishing this.” – most of my friends

“I love the fact that you are publishing this.” – most of my cool friends

“You have disgraced me.” – my mother

“Why is your mother so angry about your book? Make sure you shovel the snow from the driveway.” – my father

Lets head back to the early 90's the rave scene is in full swing in New York city. Lynn and Nicholas are teenagers and in young love. Fumbling along heading down a very dark path , leading them into the horrors of drug addiction and heart break.
 After years apart Lynn and Nicholas are reunited after 20 years apart. They finally embrace the love they have for each other and the sexuality that they share. Despite the trials of illness, a troubled past on both there parts. They share an honest love that will help them through everything.
  When I first got this book, I didn't know what to think, so honestly I put it aside for a bit. I wasn't sure if I was ready to relive the 90s for some strange reason. But when I did pick up this book and started reading I was happy. This is a love story, an unique love story but a love story just the same.
 Mr. Tanek takes us on a roller coaster ride. Through the drug haze of raves and the perils of young love in that time . There are parts of this book where you go oh my goodness . There is se and kink in this book. There is also a lot of drug use, I mean a lot of drug use. This almost reads like a memoir. There are so many twists and turns that will keep you page turning. Using the rave scene as a back drop was an interesting concept. That helped the book flow quite nicely.

The characters are well written and very complex, Both Nicholas and Lynn are such broken people. They are young and in love but so many things got in their way at the beginning , the drugs the other people . They drift apart and go down their own self destructive paths. Until a disaster pulls them back together . After 20 years . They come back together and finally find the love and acceptance that they both need. Lynn is such a tortured heroine. She has gone through so much in her life . But you don't feel sorry for her, you want to cheer for her and hope that she does get her happily ever after . Nicholas on the other hand  I kind a wanted to slap him around at the beginning of the book . He was very arrogant and he thought that he had the cat by the tail. As the book progressed he got better and he became the man that Lynn needed . I was very happy when they got back together. They are soul mates that belonged together , through the good and the bad.

 If you are uncomfortable drug use, kinky sex and the darker side of what it means to be in love . This might not be the book for you, but if you want to take a walk on the wild side. Check it out . You won't be disappointed. If you lived through the raves of the 90s check out this book .

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  1. Great review, I have read this book as well and I loved it! Read it twice in fact, a true story about Redemption and second chances. Nicholas Tanek is a honest author that only wanted to honor the love of his life by writing this book for her. He doesn't care about profits, in fact he is saving half of the proceeds for Lynn's daughter whom he sees often.