Friday, June 6, 2014


Good Friday everyone . Thank the Gods it is Friday, this week has been so busy. Now hopefully we can have a relaxing weekend but hey before the weekend starts . I just might have the weekend reading book for you


Sex, lies, and beauty aids finally earn the girl next door a little respect.

Sabrina Thompson, editor of Skin Deep Magazine’s successful Natural Beauty Secrets column, is handed the challenge of her life. Take over the Love and Sex column or lose her job.
What does a twenty-four year old virgin know about love or sex when she's never been on a third date? To complicate matters, there’s a new guy at the helm. Her only crush’s clone is issuing orders. While his pompous and ambitious twin dries out, playboy and ne’er-do-well Trent Wellington must assume his identity and save his family’s flailing magazine. The bright spot amid staff cuts and content restructuring is the plucky editor he once made a fool of himself in front of at a family gathering. Fooling everyone isn’t easy, especially when Sabrina inspires his true self to be more than he ever has.

Years of hearing she’s too nice to date have left Sabrina’s frustration simmering. It boils over when she discovers Trent’s deceit and she vows to make him pay. Getting even has never been so much fun.

CONTENT WARNING: mature language, sexual situations

   Want to meet Sabrina Thompson. the editor of Skin Deep, and her wildly popular column NATURAL BEAUTY SECRETS. Well she just got the handed the assignment of her life. She has to take over LOVE AND SEX COLUMN or loose her job. She is dumbfounded what does a 24 yr old virgin know about sex and or love. Well enter Trent/ Travis Wellington. Travis is the new helm of the magazine and also in rehab .  So Trent steps in to help his brother out and keep his secret. When he realizes that the little editor sitting in front of him is the same girl that he was warned to stay away from , by his sister. Sabrina is still getting under his skin. He can't get her out of his mind and is having a hard time not being himself . It is getting tougher because Sabrina brings out the greatness in him .
  But watch out for a woman deceived , once Sabrina finds out Trent was lying to her. She plots revenge and getting even is going to be a whole lot of fun.
   I have never giggled so much while reading this book. From the very first scene in the book when Sabrina is trying to plump her lips and all that happened was her lips burning off. I nearly fell off the couch reading that scene. Cause we all know we have been there at some point in our lives.  Watching her fumble through the research for her new column was quite funny, She reminded me of the too pure Sandy in Grease. She got easily embarrassed and got riled very easily by Trent .
  Trent has been in lust with Sabrina since he met her at a family picnic. He made a fool out of himself for her. But stayed away cause his sister told him to. So when he had the opportunity work with her . He did. The whole twin thing got a bit confusing at the beginning. Then I figured it all out and then it went fast. The characters started to build in their complexity as the story continued. They grew up as well, which I really liked . I will tell you I felt a Grease vibe to this book , the good girl the bad boy and what kind of trouble they can get into. Then good girl goes bad . And all hell breaks loose .
 This is a fast paced, light read. You could probably read it in an afternoon at the pool. The characters are great and the story line is believable and there some great funny scenes. It is a page turner, I was up all night reading . Once I started I couldn't put it down. It is not a long novel but it is a great read. You will giggle and outright laugh at Sabrina and Trent, What she does to get him back.  So if you want to read a nice light sweet romance. Check it out and this should be on everyone's summer reading list.



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