Thursday, June 5, 2014

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Hey all sorry but I forgot that I was doing a book shout out before I posted other book . So please forgive me . Technology failed me yet again. Dang calendar let me down. lol

When a lightning bolt delivers a magical wallop, young Jesse finds himself wrestling with newfound magic on a bronco ride through adventure. Fantasy becomes normal as mini tornadoes appear out of nowhere to scatter the laundry, and the chicken coop freezes in mid-summer. His pa moves them to a Colorado mining town for a fresh start, but there’s a storm brewing in Silver Valley. An unusual string of mining accidents has locals whispering of magic, wizards, and dragons.

Then Jesse meets Boone, a newcomer not much older than himself who travels in company with an Indian marshal. Only Jesse can see the shadow of a dragon hovering around Boone, revealing his true form. Soon, Jesse is drawn into Boone’s world of adventure and fantasy.

Boone is a dragon mage, or wizard, sent to Silver Valley to investigate the mining accidents he believes are caused by a skinwalker searching for an ancient pot shard hidden somewhere in Silver Valley. But a skinwalker is a master of disguise, and Boone’s list of suspects is growing.
After his mentor comes up missing in a mining accident, Boone turns to Jesse for help. Together, they must interpret an ancient map, defeat a basilisk, and control Jesse’s wild magic before the skinwalker finds the pot shard and brings back a reign of terror to the West.

An intriguing read for young adults, this fantasy adventure will keep you turning pages long past bedtime. Get a taste by clicking on the Look Inside feature above.
  Hey all ready for some magic and dragons. Let me introduce you to Jess , who after getting hit by lightning finds himself having magical powers . After loosing his mother , Jesse father moves them to Colorado mining town  named Silver valley. Where Jesse sees a shadow of a dragon and meets Boone a 250 year old dragon mage. Who is there to figure out why there are deaths happening in the mine. He is thinking its a skin walker. But the skin walker can turn into anyone so the list is growing . After Boone's mentor goes missing . Boone enlists Jesse 's help to find him. Together they must decipher an ancient map and defeat basilick and get Jesse's powers under control before the skin walker finds the missing shard that will bring the end of life as they know it to the west.
   This is a great book for both boys and girls who love magic and dragons. The author writes a tale that is both fun and easy to read. The boys go on such an adventure that you get wrapped up in their adventure.  It also shows us the importance of family and friends . How they can help you through just about anything. They will always be there for you.
   There is no graphic sex or violence and moves at a quick pace once they get to Silver Valley. The beginning was a bit slow. But it sure picks up and goes fast. Your kids will be page turning until the end.
  I am so going to gift this book to nephews and cousins . I really think that they will love the cast of characters . Then there is the old west and the dragons. I really liked Boone .
  So if you want a good read for middle school aged kids especially boys. You should check this book out . I think they won't be disappointed at all . You will also enjoy it too. So check it out if you love a little magic in your reading

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