Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Good Tuesday all . Sorry about not posting yesterday but migraine city hit and trying to see the keyboard was not in my plans.  Today I give you Minstrel's Gambit by Nance Bulow Morgan

Minstrels' Gambit is the first in the Minstrels' Tale Mysteries Series.
Saeede knew that Behlanna was not going to be a good city. She knew it the moment she saw the dark tower looming over the sleek dark wall. She and her partner Andreas needed to rest after a long journey. They would stay long enough to rest and perhaps play a tune or two for the locals but then they would be off again to more pleasant surroundings.
Upon their arrival in the city the two tired friends; minstrels and adventurers, are soon caught up in a murder investigation and find that they are the prime suspects!
Their investigation leads them to discover that an ancient riddle is at the center of their problem. Evil forces are at play against them and they must solve the riddle, and foil the unleashing of evil upon the world, to clear their names.
The keys to the riddles are hidden within four musical scores. As adventurers they must retrieve the scores from their protections within the elements. As minstrels they must decipher the keys hidden within the scores.
Thrust into an epic adventure the friends learn how deep and unwavering is their friendship-- how deep and unwavering is their skills with sword, music, and magic.
Minstrels' Gambit is Bulow Morgan's second novel. Sprung from the setting of her first novel Legend Destiny. This epic adventure attests to her story telling ability. The reader will be hooked from the very beginning of this gorgeous adventure.
   Who doesn't love a fantasy adventure . I know I can get lost in them on a very rainy day. Let me introduce you to Saeede and her partner Andreas . They have stopped in Behlanna, They were just going to stay a couple of days . Maybe play some tunes and make a bit of money. Then move again to a better city. Well as they are there they get involved in a murder mystery. The two musicians are the prime suspects in this murder. They realize that there is an ancient riddle right smack dab in the middle of the mess that they are in. So they have to solve the riddles that are in wrapped up in four musical scores. As they fight and travel to find the clues that will help them figure out the riddle . They find out what they can do together, how deep their love and friendship actually is. Also how unwavering their skills are when it comes to music, magic. and the sword.
  Nance took us on a grand adventure in this book. The people and places that Andreas and Saeede go to are both magical and some are even scary . The seventh circle of hell comes into play also. As a reader when I started reading I could not put it down. It seemed that the pages turned themselves as I read. The twists and turns will make you go hmmmm and oh my goodness. I didn't expect that to happen .  This is a creative well written fantasy book /
 The characters are written with love. Nance took a lot of care to create such complex and layered characters. Saeede and Andreas are more then just traveling minstrels they are best friends and I honestly think that Andreas is in love with Saeede. Just my feeling. They basically go through hell and back working on the clues and they work very well together. They compliment each other well. They face dragons, dwarfs and beasts together. The whole cast of characters are really well written .
  This is a great book that will keep you reading . If you are looking for a creatively well written fantasy book please check out this book . I read it in two days. So please check it out

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