Thursday, June 5, 2014

hey all happy thursday

Hey all welcome to Thursday. Can you believe this I never cracked open my kindle yesterday at all I think I was still recouping from finishing the last book I blogged about. But, I am back and ready to blog about a totally different book today. THE ICE CAP AND THE RIFT  by Marshall Chamberlain

A COMBOQUAKE RAKES THE MID-ATLANTIC RIDGE. A FIFTEEN MILE RIFT RIPS ACROSS AN ICELANDIC ICE CAP. A DISSECTED CAVE HOLDS MYSTERIOUS ANCIENT TECHNOLOGY. John Henry Morgan, ex-Marine, Director of the United Nation’s Institute for the Study of Unusual Phenomena, returns from the devastating attack on ISUP’s Mountain project in Belize only to be cast into the aftermath of the Comboquake and the dangers of the rift. Morgan and key ISUP staff mount an expedition to the rift and discover a cavern occupied one hundred and eighty thousand years ago, containing a perfectly preserved high-tech habitat and a traveling machine operated by unknown scientific principles. The benign scientific expedition to study the cave and its contents encounters deceit and violence as nations and terrorist groups ferret out the existence and significance of the discoveries, and mount sophisticated operations to acquire technological treasures for their own purposes. ISUP finds itself at the convergence of clandestine assault from several fronts. Violence escalates. Lives become expendable -- a scenario that has plagued the human race through the chronicles of time. Frantic action: Prague, London, New York, Washington, D.C., Libya, France, Spain, China, Iceland. Across oceans and air lanes, factions grapple for power. Survival for the ISUP scientists and preservation of new technologies for the benefit of humanity lie in choices of whom to trust.

  There has been a combo quake has happened leaving a rift about 15 miles long. Exposing a cavern full of of ancient technology. The ISUP  sends John Henry Morgan to head up the expedition . But there are forces at work that want the technology for themselves and as the violence escalates , lives become expendable. You will travel from Prague to Iceland. Crossing the ocean to New York and Washington . Survival is critical for the ISUP and trying to keep the technologies preserved for the benefit of all humanity. Will all come down to who they can trust and if they can stay alive .
  Mr Chamberlain takes us on a wild ride. With great twists and turns. You don't really know who can trust and who you can't. There are characters that you think you can trust , the characters that are just evil and they all want to dominate. You want to scream at the kindle when you think you have it figured out , Mr. Chamberlain takes you into a totally different direction. You also get to travel from Prague to Washington D.C and everywhere in between .
  John Henry Morgan is a tough ex military man that is the head investigator in the book . He is a hard man and shows it all through the book.
  The flow of this book was great every page was full of intrigue and mystery. A twist on every page . I was page turning well into the night on this one. It may seem like a long book , it is a very fast paced book. This is the second book in the series but you can read it as a stand alone . 
  So if you want a good thriller with lots of intrigue , with a twist of science fiction thrown in . Check out this book . You will like it .

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