Sunday, June 8, 2014

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Hey all good Sunday morning to all of you. Hope you are having a great weekend. I have found a delightful book, that isn't all brooding, dominant. alpha male . I am actually kind a getting tired of those men. I want a guy that is just as nervous and shy when it comes to the woman he wants . He can be a guy with Alpha tendencies in taking care of his woman, but also a tender sweet guy. That gets all hot and bothered when she flirts him. The way he looks like her , like she hung the moon and the stars for just her.
  Well I think I found that book . THE BUTTERFLY HOUSE by Lori Meckley

Nolan Walker has fallen for "her." She's known by many as the "Lotus" at "The Butterfly House." Ava Wild isn't looking for love, she just wants to lose herself each night. Praying that god will have mercy on her soul. Will they be friends or something much more...

This book contains adult sexual content
  Let me introduce you to BUTTERFLY HOUSE. A member only club where men can go and relax and watch some beautiful women erotically take their clothes off. Ava Wild is working there for some very good reasons. She needs the money for school and to help pay for medical bills. She isn't looking for a sugar daddy to help her, or any man at all . Until Nolan Walker walked into the club with a business partner of his, Sam.
Nolan couldn't take his eyes of the beautiful redhead that sang and stripped for the customers.
  Nolan has hidden from the world since his break up . He was torn to shreds and doesn't trust to much until that night in the BUTTERFLY HOUSE where he met Lotus aka Ava . They are both scared but so want to be with each other. Will they find their way to each other and will Ava tell Nolan about baby Miles .
   I was truly happy when I started this book , there was no obnoxious alpha male in the book . Just a man who was hurt and is trying to take a chance and start again. With a beautiful girl, who is more then just an exotic dancer.  The characters are so well written that you will fall in love with all of them, even baby Miles. You want to cheer them on and hope and pray that they don't screw everything up. They are so humble and so well meaning. The way Lori wrote them . you think that he could be your boyfriend. Ava didn't need a knight in shining armor. But when it comes down to it and when her life is in danger, he proves that he can handle anything that is thrown his way.
     This book is written in the first person and there are some people that don't like that , but I did . This book was meant to be written in the first person. Lori did a great job with all three points of view. She even did a great job in writing Angel in the first person . Not going to tell you anymore about Angel cause then I will be giving up the whole story. You need to read the story to find out . LOL. Even being written in the first person the flow of the story was great. It was a page turner I read it in an evening, couldn't put it down.
    You are probably wondering why I picked this book , well honestly ladies . I was getting pretty tired of the brooding alpha male that just takes and takes.  I guess I needed a little Nolan in my life.  A guy that is humble and in love with a woman that is more then her job
So if you want a sweet story that does have sex, You need to check out THE BUTTERFLY HOUSE . You won't be disappointed I promise you . A great summer read for the pool

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  1. This made my day. The Butterfly House is my second book and just like my first book very much a labor of love. Thank you so much for taking the time to do a blog post.