Wednesday, June 18, 2014

sorry about the lateness of th blog post

Sorry for the lateness of the blog post today. I am suffering a big book hangover. I started the book last night , couldn't put it down. BITE AND RELEASE by Cory Cyr is to blame for my bleary eyes and 20 cups of coffee today .

Ryan Chase left Fairbanks, Alaska, when she was 21 years old to pursue her dream of becoming an actress. Somewhere along the way her dreams of stardom crashed and burned, along with her life.

Thirteen years later she is forced to return to Fairbanks because her unforgiving and emotionally-distant father has suddenly died. Ryan seizes the opportunity to not only escape her abusive husband but to be able to attend her best friend's wedding. What could go wrong? It's only Fairbanks, Alaska...
While wishing she was anywhere but her father's funeral and wake, Ryan is struck senseless by a stunning, drop-dead gorgeous man. Her thoughts turn carnal and she desperately wants to know him in every way—and position—possible. There's only one problem...

He's the devil's spawn.
He's the one who marked her for life.
He's the kid she used to baby-sit.
And he's hotter than hell!

Shea Michaels has loved Ryan Chase for most of his life. After surviving an unspeakable childhood, he became a man of whom she could be proud ...if she ever came back.
Now that she's returned, Shea pursues her with a vengeance, undaunted by the thirteen year age difference that Ryan uses as the shield between them.

Confusion, guilt and lust bombard Ryan as she battles the memories of the little boy she used to know while still being drawn to the heart-stopping man he has become.

***18+ due to explicit sexual situations, graphic language and intense adult themes.
  Well, what can I say about a book that kept me up most of the night and up early this morning reading. This book did. Meet Ryan Chase a girl coming home to Alaska for her fathers funeral.
Where she meets the boy she use to baby sit all grown up and hotter then sin. But also 13 yrs her junior. They both are holding onto some dark past secrets. They start to fall in love with each other as the days turn into weeks and months. Will their pasts come back to haunt them or will they get their happily every after
   Ryan left Alaska thirteen years ago , wanting to become a big name actress . She heads off to New York. But life in New York isn't all sunshine and roses. Her acting career is tanked and she is running from an abusive husband. So as she heads back to Fairbanks for her father's funeral. She thinks this is the perfect place to hide for a bit. Her best friend Trina meets her and they are like it hasn't been so many years . At her dad's funeral she sees a tall , dark fuckable man. Who feels familiar but yet foreign. Finding out that the man ,was the boy that she use to babysit. Andtrew/ Shea he is so hot and wants to make Ryan his forever.  He is so gorgeous , trust me ladies he maybe young but you will want him to well just do everything naughty thing on your naughty list. He is charming, sexy and so together. He is the only person that can finally make Ryan feel at home and make her finally feel love.
  Together they feel their way through the relationship. As you see both characters grow and become stronger. Ryan at the beginning of the was wounded, conflicted and kind a ditz . But as the story went along you see the real Ryan come out and it shows that she is strong and a survivor. After everything that she went through you can see her grow. Shea/ Andrew was all cocky and alpha. He was hiding so much pain from his past. As you see him emerge the man that every woman wants in her life. He is so compassionate and loving . not broken like most of the characters I have read lately. Even though he is younger the Ryan, you so see the want and desire he has for her. Now every girl wants to see the love and desire in her man's eyes and Shea had it in spades for Ryan.
  The characters were written with such a complexity and layered so well. You felt like you were right there in Alaska with them They did have a lot of sex but isn't that what happens in a new relationship. I loved the way Cory wrote their story and honestly didn't really rush them falling in love. Which to me is great, It bugs me sometimes when the romance feels rushed . Ryan and Shea weren't rushed . They both were nervous and admitted it too. You can feel the love that Cory has for these characters . Loved the older woman younger man also. There isn't very many books out there with this concept. It always seems older man and younger woman. Makes an woman in her late 40 's feel good .
  Cory takes us on rollercoaster ride of  emotions . The twist and turns will keep you reading until dawn. Just watching the progression of the characters is natural and you will have a few tears in you eyes. You will also want to scream at you e reader a few times also, Cause boy both of the lead characters are so block headed sometimes . The last 4 chapters will have you weeping and then screaming and then weeping again but with joy. So if you want a great read about a older woman and younger man and their love story . Check it out . I know you wont be disappointed

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