Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Today I start something that will go on for about 21 weeks

Good Tuesday everyone. Hope I find you all happy and healthy and reading up a storm . Todays book is the first of a 21 week series from Pattie Larsen. Welcome to THE NIGHTSHADE CASES . The first episode is titled FREAK SHOW.

When transsexual starlet Aisling is murdered, Detective Geraldine Meyers is assigned the case. With help from medical examiner Dr. Rachel Hunter, Gerri realizes this is no ordinary killing. While she might not want to call in over-eager anthropologist Dr. Kinsey DanAllart, the detective is forced to trust her friend's expertise in symbology, even though doing so means admitting "weird" things might be happening in Silver City. As the three friends unravel the mystery of the dancer's death, one thing is made absolutely apparent--something isn't right in their new hometown. And someone is doing everything they can to make sure the truth doesn't come out.

In Silver City, sometimes friendship can be murder.

Welcome to the first Nightshade Case, a series of twenty-one episodes in twenty-one weeks. Please note: this episodic series is based on the television show model, with screenwriting notations and shorter formats. There will be a complete mystery each week, with cliffhangers only occurring in the full season story line.
  Welcome to Silver City . Where three friend have been pulled there . They all have special powers that help them solve the crimes that are happening. But there is something bigger in the works and each episode will bring them together and solve these crimes. Even the weird cases will come their way . When a transsexual is murdered Gerri with the help of her two friends go to work finding out who or what murdered the poor pole dancer
  Let me introduce you to the ladies of Night Shades.
  Gerri the fierce redhead police detective, she is tough and fierce. She won't admit but the sight of blood makes her hungry . She gets a thrill of going up to a homicide scene. She also has had a tragedy in her life , watching her old partner get murdered and dragged away by something , that can not be explained . She is the leader of the threesome, And actually hates the weird aspect of any murder.
Then there is the sweet medical examiner Dr Rachel Hunter , she has the expertise to know what someone has died from before even doing the autopsy . She can just look at a person and know what they will die from . That made her life hell when she was in medical school. So she decided to head to the morgue.
 Then there is Kinsey DanAllart she is the anthropologist that has a knack for symbolism. She is the so insecure one of the three. She has the sense to read people and can comfort and pull things from their minds.
  They all have unique talents and when put together they can solve almost anything. These characters are well written with complex layers, They have their quirks like Gerrie wanting to constantly shoot. maim and even kill her new partner. I kind a had to giggle the way that he was pushing her buttons, and she was planning on how to kill him and make it look like an accident. They are a great bunch of characters. With their own quirks and foibles.
  This is the first of a 21 week series. There is a mystery to solve every week and will be wrapped up in the book. So really no cliff hangers . As the weeks continue we will find out more about the three main characters .
     Pattie takes us on a action packed fun ride with each episode. The twists and turns will keep you reading all night long. It kind a reminds me of the old detective series  It is gritty but also funny in some areas. I could so see this a  television series . It is also written in that kind of format. I have the next 20 weeks of reading written down, I have them all on my wish list when they come out . I think this is going to be a exciting series to read. I can't wait to see where Pattie will take us next
   So if you want a great weekly series to read this summer, while at the beach or at the pool . Check them out cause they rock

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