Monday, June 2, 2014


Good Monday everyone , hope you all had productive weekend and got some reading done also  Today's book is a by a Canadian authoer. WHISPERING by Ica Iova

When Sofia Bellrosi wakes up in the hospital following a car accident which kills both her parents, she has amnesia, a string of unexplained nightmares, and a husband she doesn’t remember; she wants answers but what she finds are more questions.

Adrift in a marriage she can’t remember, Sofia struggles to understand where her nightmares come from or why they are mingled with sensual dreams about her husband. Sure, she knows their story, but it’s a story told by Marcus and his memories are not hers. Some pieces from his story seem to be missing and Sofia believes that somehow he, her nightmares, and the missing pieces, are all connected.

Not sure what she is looking for, but desperate to keep her sanity, she starts digging; she finds more than she bargains for – starting with her inheritance – when life as she knows it splinters into millions of pieces right before her eyes, revealing a past she never knew existed. The inheritance is just a scratch on the surface of her family saga, and soon she must choose between a life she began to accept and a life she is destined for.

    Hey all let me introduce you to Sofia Bellrose. After waking up in the hospital , after being in a car accident which her parents were killed. She ends up with amnesia and  horrible nightmares. To top it off she has a husband that she doesn't even remember marrying. Between the nightmares and the sex dreams of the husband she doesn't remember . Trying to figure out all the pieces together. And finding an inheritance that was kept from her all the pieces seem to start coming together. Now will she take on her new life or stay in the past
 This novella is a very quick read but what it lacks in pages ,packs a punch in story, The four main characters are so well written and complex. They jump off the page at you. The story line is well written .
  Ica  creates a story that is dark but also is a love story. The trip you will go on is filled with a few twists and turns. You think you have it figured out and then bam it goes in a totally different way, It is also a twist on the wolf story line that you will like . Who knew. So if you like chick lit novels with a twist , Check out this book . Good read for the pool

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