Monday, November 4, 2019


   Good morning everyone it is Monday and so far it has been a very productive  Monday ever . Today I have a new author for you and her book CRAFTING LOVE by A E Gamrat

                            BOOK BLURB 

I, Kelly, am a small-town girl and love my small-town world. I get to work with two amazing, entrepreneur women. One makes wine, the other makes furniture, and I help to sell it all. On a sad, lonely night I bought myself a Cricut machine and haven’t looked back. Now people call me the Cricut Queen. I even have a YouTube channel with a few thousand followers. Some friends and family can’t grasp my need to stay busy. Nights can be very lonely and quiet.
A night of Karaoke changes everything.

Kirk draws me in at hello and I don’t want to look away. He's everything a girl could want. Nice, funny, could dance alongside the boys in Magic Mike. Yes, that hot. He is also very good with his hands and offers to help fix my leaking basement with his cousin. A friendship is born.

Love is a touchy subject, but a relationship can’t be ignored.

Between my crazy girlfriends, a budding relationship, and a jealous woman, this decade is starting off on a wild ride. The real question is: who will make it to the end?

                           MY REVIEW 
      Welcome to my life , being a small town girl , Kelly loves her life and her small town . She has a great job working with her two best friend and when she becomes the circut queen on you tube her life is busy . People don't understand why but she knows how lonely the nights can be.. After a night of karaoke changes everything .  When Kirk walks into her life a friendship formed and maybe a chance for more . 

  The characters are sweet and kind of crazy . They have such fun together . Kelly is almost like a home body and she just wants to find a love and keep her circut business going . She is independant and strong. Grace and the wine girls are a hoot . They just get Kelly into so much trouble when they are out having fun .Kirk is a sweet thoughtful guy who can't get enough of Kelly . He takes it slow but the butt slaps and the neck kissing is a great turn on for her . 

    This is a slow romance , the characters are fun to read the comic relief will have you snorting . The author takes us on such a fun birthday romp . There were some things that kind of made me want to stop reading . I felt it was just a little too slow and it felt like the author didn't know where to take the characters in parts of the book . Don't get me wrong i was a fun read but I just didn't connect deeply with the characters. Over all this is a enjoyable book with some great laugh out loud moments . If you like a slow romance with lots of laugh out loud moments this is the book for you 

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