Thursday, November 7, 2019


  Good Thursday all , today I have a new author to me . Lets check out  TRUST FOR SALE  by Rifi Strawn .

                            BOOK BLURB 

An unlikely alliance . . . a deadly game of survival.

Owned by the mob, Tanya Kozlov travels from Moscow to hot, humid New Orleans to blackmail businessman Charles Dugan. One look at the handsome billionaire in a white linen suit and her heart betrays her mission. To gain his trust, she embraces the fantasy world of his antebellum vacation resort and shares information about the men she works for. But can he see beyond her dark past?

Against his better judgment, Charles grants Tanya sanctuary. To abandon her would sign her death warrant, and he has no choice but to trust her if he hopes to thwart his enemies. Yet as she trades in stiletto heels for southern gowns, he can't help but fall under the spell of her stunning beauty, creative talent, and unwavering loyalty. Can he keep her safe, and is she worth the risk?

                      MY REVIEW 
   Tanya Koziov is stuck , owned by the mob and used to trap unwanted men in black mail . She is on her way to New Orleans to black mail a billionaire . When she arrives things change for her and the man in a white linen suit . Charles Dugan . He decides to help her out and keep her safe while trying to bring down the people that are blackmailing him . There is more to this then meets the eye . They fall for each other and want to keep each other safe will their love survive or is she worth the risk. 

  There are so many players in this book , the main characters are well written and you will care for them . Tanya is a naive woman who has been taken and made to work for a evil man as a prostitute and a pawn in blackmail schemes . She is scared most of the time and looking over shoulder . As the story goes she becomes stronger and more confidante .  Charles is well he is shy and reserved and wants to help out but really is reluctant . They are are a good couple .  They become a great power couple . 

    This is an interesting book, i started it in the evening and couldn't put it down . The characters were well written.  You will be on the edge of your seat through out most of the book . It has the mob and human trafficing and a love story.  There were moments in this book that i felt could of been tightened up a bit and maybe move story along a little faster . I wish that the author would of went more in depth into the human trafficking aspect of the story .   Over all  I did enjoy the book and would like to read more by this author . If you want a sexy read for a winter read . 

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