Saturday, November 9, 2019


 Good Saturday all , today is snowy and cool out so a great day to cuddle up with a good book and a cup of tea . Today I have a book for you that will make you think of what would happen if . Check out NOT GUILTY by C.Lee Mckenzie

                            BOOK BLURB 

"NOT GUILTY is a compelling, engrossing, and ultimately uplifting and rewarding read. I couldn't tear myself away!"
—Cheryl Rainfield, author of Scars, Stained, Hunted and Parallel Visions.

A blood-smeared knife. One young man’s word against another. A lifetime dream crushed.

The evidence points to Devon Carlyle. He was there when it happened. Everyone knows he had it in for Renzo Costa. And Costa says Devon was the one. In the judge’s rap of a gavel Devon’s found guilty of assault. The star of the Oceanside High’s basketball team loses his shot at the one thing he’s worked so hard for—the championship game where college scouts could see how good he is.

Now he makes his great shots in Juvenile Hall with kids far different from those that have always been in his life.
Angry? Hell, yes.

He’s bent on finding who did the crime. He’s bent on making them pay because he’s Not Guilty.

But can he prove it?

                             MY REVIEW 
   Welcome back to Oceanside high school . Devon Carlyle has it all , he is on his way to a scholarship and has the perfect girlfriend . Until one day everything has changed and he is charged with assault against Renzo Costa . With one rap of the judge's gavel Devon's life is changed forever . When in juvenile detention Devon finds out who his real friends are and makes a vow to find out who really did it . When he gets out he will try and prove it . 

   Welcome back to high school . I found these characters to be well written and honestly reminded me of some people I knew in high school . Devon is the jock and basically has the world by the toes . He comes off as arrogant at the start of the book . Everyone loves him for one thing or another and his self esteem is wrapped up in all things basketball and being the number one on the team. You see him truly grow up and become a more rounded person. There are so many characters in this book that either help Devon or make him feel like he doesn't belong . From his perfect friends at school who truly show their true colours . Colin was his best friend and when push came to shove Colin and the rest of the gang turned against Devon . In true clique fashion they shun him . 

   This is a book that will capture your heart and keep you reading . The author wrote a great representation of what high school is truly like and what happens when one of the cool kids ends up on the wrong end of the law .  There are twists and turns through out the book that will have you going hmmmmmmmm. The only thing that made me not give the book a 5 stars is the detective work that Devon was doing , it seemed to actually kind of slow down the story of his come back . I felt that it kind of dragged just a little . Over all I really enjoyed this book and was cheering for Devon as he redeemed himself . I love the way the author did the family dynamic after he came out of detention and the aftermath . This is a book that you and your teen will enjoy reading. So add this book to your winter reading list 

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