Wednesday, November 6, 2019


 Good Morning all its Wednesday and its pretty cold but sunny here on the ranch today . A great day to snuggle down with a good book . Today I have a new author to me and maybe to you also . SUGAR. SPICE AND COWGIRL NICE  by Stacy Grace .

                           BOOK BLURB 

Sugar, Spice and Cowgirl Nice is a heartwarming and heartbreaking novel about moving on after a death and new beginnings. Rylee Pierce is a shy sixteen-year-old girl who considers herself invisible to the world around her. After the sudden death of her beloved grandfather, she and her parents move to rural Texas to be near her grandmother. Rylee wants desperately to make a fresh start and vows to keep her promise to her grandfather, to move her adventures from books to real life. When a desire unexpectedly awakens in her she is caught unprepared for her new passion for horses and rodeo competitions. 

With the help of new friends, a cute cowboy named Sawyer, and her crafty Nana, Rylee is able to circumvent her overly protective mother and finally live her own adventure. Will finally living her dreams ruin her relationship with her mother forever?

                             MY REVIEW 
   After the death of her beloved grandfather , Rylee a shy sixteen year old girl finds a whole new world after moving to rural Texas  She wants to make a fresh start and live in the real world instead of her books . When she meets the cute neighbour boy and his horse . Her interest blossoms into a passion for horses and all thing rodeo.  With her friends help and help from her grandma and the boy that holds her heart Sawyer . She is about to live the adventure of her life and change the relationship with her mom forever. 

    I was so excited to see a horse book  with characters that are well written.  Rylee is  sweet girl who has been sheltered most of her life . Her mother is over protective and she is a little naive . When she starts with the horses you really see her blossom and come into her own . She really grew as a character . Sawyer is sweet and a gentleman . He really wants Rylee to become her own person . They are so cute when they are together . With the help of her friends she will be transformed .  These characters are so well written  and you will love each and everyone of them . 
     This book really intrigued me , when I started reading it, I got all the feels . I felt like it was taking me back to childhood . Being that awkward teen that would rather read then be around people . The author has a good grasp on the main characters . There is lots of laughs and a few tears through out this book . The characters were well written and you can connect with them easily . There were a few spots that i feel that fell flat and where the characters just didn't really feel right , I felt that it kind of dragged just a little . Over all i really did enjoy this coming of age story and the fact it had horses in it  mad me very happy. So if you want a good story of one finding oneself through laughter and tears and just maybe fall in love with the boy next door this is the story for you . Check it out you won't be disappointed .

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