Tuesday, November 5, 2019


   Good Tuesday morning all , hope your week is going good . Today I have a new author to me to review for you . FOREVER, KINDA, LOVE  by Clara Stone

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No one told them falling in love would be so dangerous.
The day Carrigan lost her mother, she gained a new best friend. But she never expected the charming boy-next-door from the wealthy family to become anything other than her confidant and strength. Ten years later, Heath’s become exactly that—more.
But Ace can’t give in to her secret crush, can’t let herself feel what it’s like to be loved by him in return. Not when her entire future is at risk. Not when she houses an unexpected, deadly secret that could destroy it all.
The thing is, Heath Lovelly isn’t one to be kept in the dark. And shouldn’t you live life to the fullest, even as that life runs out?
See why fans of A Walk to Remember and All the Boys I Loved Before will fall in love with this friends-to-lovers romance.
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                           MY REVIEW 
   The day Carrigan met Heath was the worst day of her life but she gained her best friend and her pillar of strength .  The boy next door has become more after ten years of friendship there is more there then both of them realize . There is more going on then teenage angst and hidden love . The secret that Ace carries could destroy all that she and Heath have .  

   This book has such sweet characters , Carrigan aka Ace is sweet and been through so much in her young life. She is fun loving and sometimes comes of as very naive .  Heath well he kind of drove me crazy , he comes off as an arrogant guy sometimes . He thinks that he knows all sometimes is way too protective . There are just aspects of him that drove me crazy .  I did love Vincent and Rock they are cool guys that help calm both Heath and Ace .  They are your typical teen agers that you will love them and hate them . 

   I had such promise when i started reading this book . I love best friend to love stories . This story started off with such a bang . The author takes us on an emotional journey . There is so much going on that you will be on the edge of your seat most of the story .  I am glad that the author took her time in writing the sex scenes I mean you could of probably left them out if you wanted to and still get the picture .  There were moments in the book where i felt that I couldn't connect with the main characters . It seemed like the author was trying to write a more mature romance book in some areas . Then went back to the ya aspect of it .  Over all the story was a good story and reminded me of the late 90s teen angst movies .  So if you want an emotional story full of angst and teen age love  check it out . 

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