Tuesday, November 26, 2019


  Good Tuesday all , I hope your week is going good and if you are celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend you are getting ready . Today I have a new author to introduce you to and her book . THE CURSE OF THE BLACK CAT by Lou Wilham

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Alrik has two choices: Spend eternity eating mice, or learn to accept himself for who he is.

As his eighteenth birthday draws near, prince Alrik—heir to the throne of Edan—must choose a wife. But when his first kiss with a beautiful princess leaves him feeling cold, he knows that although it is his duty, he cannot love a woman. In a fit of panic, he seeks out the aid of the witch Gwydion. The witch, however, has other plans.
After hundreds of years as a cat, Alrik must learn to accept himself and who he loves or face the rest of eternity as a cat. Luckily, New York City’s dumpsters are ripe for the picking. With food from around the world to choose from, he finds himself drawn to one restaurant in particular.
Crystal Tokyo—a restaurant specializing in Japanese food—is Yuuki’s first big job as a chef, and he loves it. So, what happens when Yuuki decides to befriend the black cat hanging out in Crystal Tokyo’s back alley?
This story is perfect for fans of Rainbow Rowell's Simon Snow Series, Ashley Poston's The Princess and the Fangirl, and A.W. Jantha's Hocus Pocus.

                          MY REVIEW 
   Alrik is a prince and turning eighteen, when he first kisses a young princess and feels nothing he must decide if it right to marry her . He runs off and with the help of Witch Gwydion , who like any witch has a plan of her own . Be a cat for a hundred years and learn to love himself as he is or stay a cat for eternity. After he finds himself in New York where there is food in every dumpster he is drawn to a Japanese restaurant and to the young chef . Who takes a liking to the little black cat and befriends him . What will happen when the truth comes out and will the curse be lifted and they find the love they both need . 

  This is a truly sweet story the characters are well written and you will care for them deeply. Alrik is a sweet guy who is scared of what would happen in his life if he takes duty over love. He does have a shy streak and you will like him from the beginning . Yuuki is a sensitive guy who you will instantly fall in love with . He is a hard working and wants to be loved the way he should be loved . Both characters are sensitive and sweet . There are moments where you just wanted to wrap both of them up in a blanket and love them back to happiness . There is some bad people that come into both their lives . I wont tell you what happens but you will want to hug them both so much afterwards . But I think my favourite character is Gwydion . She is one hilarious witch , she does such fun things to get the boys together . 

   This is a short read that you can read in an evening . The author has written a sweet and funny story about two lost souls finding themselves and each other . Their interactions both as cat and man and man and man are sweet . The story is a read that you can read in an evening . I really enjoyed the story and the characters and I had a smile on my face the whole time reading . The story flowed well and the characters are well written .  So if you want a sweet romance with some magic entwined check out this story . You will not be disappointed . 

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