Monday, November 18, 2019


   Good Monday all , today is release day for book 5 in her Sea Shenanigans PETUNIA'S PANDEMONIUM .

                           BOOK BLURB

Mix one part Mermaid—one part Genie. Throw in an intoxicated God of the Sea and and a few smack-talking Pirates. What have you got?
Petunia’s Pandemonium to be more accurate.

Letting the ocean current take me where it may for the last twenty-five years hasn’t worked out so great. So, instead of getting my tail in a knot, I’m making some swimmingly simple changes.
—Stay on Mystical Isle with my cousins who love me.
—Avenge my parents and eliminate the sea monster who’s wreaking havoc.
—Forget about the gorgeous, no-good Genie who left me at the altar… so to speak.
—Stay away from Genies until the end of time.
—Join Poseidon’s embarrassingly named online dating service for Immortals and get back into the game.
What could go wrong?

I’m a Genie in a bottle baby. Or at least I was. After spending a quarter of a century, doing time for streaking at the Super Bowl after being destroyed by love, I’m a free man. It’s time to get my life together and forget about the Mermaid who didn’t want me. The list is simple.
—Stop granting wishes to idiots.
—Figure out why the Genie Star Fire Light in my eyes is burning out before I die a slow agonizing death.
—Eat an outstanding cheeseburger.
—Stay away from Mermaids.
—Join Poseidon’s embarrassingly named online dating service for Immortals and get back into the game.
It’s a plan. Not necessarily a stellar one, but it’s a plan.

Come for the Vacation. Stay for the Shenanigans!

                      MY REVIEW 
   Welcome back to the beach where the mermaids and the pirates run the paradise trap for the humans. Petunia is out to avenge her parents death and try to forget the genie that stood her up on their wedding day . Well one is easier to do then the other . That Genie is harder to forget then she thought. When she signs up for Posiedens dating site to find the woman who killed her parents. She finds more then she bargained for when Del the genie that broke her heart walks back in . Will they get past the hurt that happened and remember how much they truly love each other . 

   The gang is back and reeking havoc all over the Bermuda triangle. Petunia is hanging out with her cousins and planing to kill her parents killers . She is such a fun character to read . She is feisty and a little homicidal but there is a part of her is a wanderer . Del is the man who broke Petunias heart, he is a mischief making Genie who has been banned to his bottle for 25 years after a bad stunt gone wrong . He is hot and sexy but also is sweet and just wants to find his girl . They are such a hot couple, I truly like them together . Upton is back as Petunia's best friend and confidante .  I love him he is so funny and so loving . 

   Petunia's and Dels story is sweet and full of misunderstandings on each of their parts .  The author takes us on a fun filled ride through out the book . I will warn you don't drink anything while you are reading this book you might just spit it out because of the laughter. The characters are well written , but I felt like they weren't just as complex as the other characters in this series . There was just a few things that stopped me from giving it a 5 star. I wish the author would of added a bit more to the story brought out more of the miscommunication between the main characters . It just felt a little rushed to me . Don't get me wrong I loved the book and the characters I just wish there was more . Over all I love this series and can't wait for more . So add this book and series to your winter reading list for laughs and love this series is great 

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