Saturday, November 2, 2019


 Hope everyone is having a good weekend . Today I have new series for you by C.A Szarek .
KING OF HEARTS (The Giovanni book one )

                           BOOK BLURB 

Secrets make old lovers into enemies...
Nico “Gio” Giovanni has always been the black sheep, especially since he abandoned the family business—a lucrative casino on the Las Vegas strip—to become a cop. Now his dad is sick and his sister begs him to end their estrangement before it’s too late.
Chasing fugitives is what U.S. Marshal Madison Granger does best. She juggles single motherhood with her job, which sends her back to Sin City due to an unwanted relocation. Even worse, her current case lands her smack dab in the middle of the opulent Giovanni Casino—and ups her chances of running into her old flame.
Gio has enough on his plate; he doesn’t need the woman that got away messing in his family’s affairs. His father has never been involved with organized crime, no matter the gossip.
Maddie is petrified he’ll discover her secret. Gio won’t let his dad go down for something he didn’t do. When they take the gamble, the cards are laid on the table and all bets are off.

                      MY REVIEW 
    When Gio's father becomes sick , his sister tries to get him to come back to the casino and make amend with the old man . But old wounds are hard to heal and with Gio being the black sheep of the family and also the only cop . It is hard to make amends . It gets even harder when his old flame Madison Granger shows back up . Now a U. S marshal she is there to do what she does and works on a case that takes right back into the casino and into Gio's arms . When they have to work together  things get heated and not just on the case but in their lives . There is a secret that Madison has been keeping as well . Will they be able to crack the case and also reignite the passion they had . 

  Who doesn't like a good book with really good characters . The characters in this book are well written  Gio is the black sheep of the casino family . He is tall dark and oh so sexy . He comes off as a big kid every now and then but trust me you will want to be arrested by this man . When push comes to shove he protects those who he loves .  Madison is fiesty and knows how to do her job but when it comes to Gio she becomes like a high school girl . They are strong characters and play off each other very well . The other members of the family are such strong individuals in their own right and everyone is so well written . 

  I sat down and started reading this book in the evening and i read well into the night . The characters are well written and you will love them .  Fate brings them together but will the secrets and lies tear them apart , you really want to figure it out . There is romance , intrigue and suspense that will keep you turning the pages . There was one thing that kept me from giving it a bigger star rating , I felt that it fell just a little flat and the main characters kind of acted like over sexed teenagers in some of the scenes . Over all i really did enjoy the story and the characters and would recommend this book to your winter reading list.

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