Friday, November 8, 2019


Well we made it to another Friday and everyone on the ranch is still alive . Yes it has been one of those weeks . Today I have a great book for your tween SHORTCUTS  by Amy Bearce

                            BOOK BLURB 

Parker Mills has it all. She's the two-time winner of the Miss Divine Pecan Pageant, head of the eighth grade dance committee, and a secret psychic empath. Since she absorbs any strong emotion around her, Parker has committed herself to finding shortcuts to happiness. Whether acting as a tutor, a coach, or a matchmaker, Parker knows that when others are happy, she's happy. Granted, all that fixing other people's drama means her own crush has no idea how she feels, but it's still a win-win as long as her psychic methods remain a secret. At least, that was how it always worked before Mia came to town. With her mysterious past and dark cloud of depression, Mia's moods threaten to rain on Parker's happiness parade. After Parker's usual shortcuts fail—even after bringing gorgeous Josh on the scene—she is forced to kick things up a notch, or two. But when Parker's psychic powers go haywire, dangerous secrets begin to unravel &help starting with her own.

                         MY REVIEW
   Welcome back to the eighth grade , Parker Mills is living a great life, two time winner of the Miss Divine Pecan pageant and the head of the dance committee . She is also a empath . She absorbs the energy of others and tries to set her friends up .  When her friends are happy it means she is happy. Then things start to go wrong when Mia starts at their school she is depressed and just a black cloud. Parker tries to break through but with her friends she tries to help out  when her powers go haywire everyone could be in jeopardy and secrets could be revealed . 

     The characters are well written ,Parker is sweet and kind and sometimes she comes of na├»ve when she does some of the things she does .  Avery is the perfect best friend  she is feisty and will stand up to anyone wanting to hurt her friends . Deshawn well he is the sweet calm guy with a heart of gold . Ethan is the rebel of the group. Mia is sweet but also so lost and depressed . Together they are a great group of friends . 

     This is a sweet story of friends who are there for each other good and bad, they all have a combined secret powers that have bonded them . The author takes us on a fun filled ride through high school . Where they have bigger problems then acne and boy problems .  The author throws us a few curveballs through out the book .  This book is great for kids from the age of 10 to 16 they will fall in love with the characters and the story line is sweet . It shows that anyone can be a hero if only they believe . This would be a great book to put on your Christmas list for your tween .

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