Tuesday, July 23, 2019


 WOW  it is Tuesday , its been a very busy weekend on the farm , we have a new addition that has been keeping us on our toes and lack of sleep is going on here . Lots of coffee has been keeping me sane Today I am going to review the last  of the WALKING DEAD graphic novels issue 193 by Robert Kirkman .

                         BOOK BLURB 

 “THE FARMHOUSE” Out in the countryside, trouble is brewing for a certain someone.

                          MY REVIEW 
  Ok this was a total shock when I found out that this issue was going to be the last issue of the series. This has a time  jump and we find Carl as a grown man with his own family . Trying to live a good life after having to do something that he never thought he would. I am not going to say what but it is earth shattering .  When Herschel rolls into town with a wagon of walkers as a side show . Things get blown out proportion and Carl does what he knows best and takes them out . Not going to say any more cause i will reveal the ending . 

   We have a time jump that has everyone grow up and become parents and pivotal people in the rebuilding of a new world . Maggie is the President , and makes an appearance. Carl is brooding just like his father . Herschel well he is a not so good guy, I didn't like the way he grew up . I kind of wanted to smack him upside the head .  

    I was so shocked when i got this issue of one of my favourite graphic novels . This series had such a rollercoaster ride of emotions . The deaths and the loves of each characters would keep you on the edge of your seat . The art work is amazing and the author takes us back to the farm house . The last three issues will rip your heart out . So if you are an walking dead fan you need to read the ending . Thank you Mr Kirkman for a wonderful zombie fueled ride of a life time .

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