Friday, July 26, 2019


    Welcome to Friday everyone , today I have a great comic for your kids . ODDLY NORMAL . book 2 by Otis Frampton.

                            BOOK BLURB 

Oddly Normal's adventures in the fantastic world of Fignation continue!

Collects ODDLY NORMAL #6-10.

                          MY REVIEW 
    Oddly Normals life if Fignation has started . She has made some friends in her school . The little half witch starts to find out more about her parents past. After surviving an attack from some of the not so nice kids . She wakes up to talk to her grand mother about her parents . Which prompts her to go through her parents possessions . Will she find out where her parents are and will she be able to get them back . 

   The characters are very well written and you will love them . Oddly is a sweet girl who is trying to figure out what happened to her parents . She is feisty and you will love her.  Her strange aunt is hilarious . She tries so hard but alas she isn't the best to kee an eye on the girl . You will love them as you read 

    I truly liked this comic . The artwork is amazing and the author has built a great base in the first book. He set up a great premise in the first book and carried it on in the second . Your kids will love this series both and girls will get a kick out of reading .  So if you want a fun read for your kids this weekend this is the book for you . 

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