Friday, July 5, 2019


Woohooo the weekend is here , we made it to Friday . Today I have a book from one of my new favourite fantasy author. REYANNA'S PROPHECY by Whit McClendon

                           BOOK BLURB 

Reyanna is a woman with a secret. A human raised among the noble and wise Weya, she had passed all the tests and become a Ranger, as adept with bow and dagger as any of the elf-like people who trained alongside her. But she has a frightening power deep within, and it’s growing. When a vision strikes out of nowhere, a powerful prophecy that brings her to her knees, she is thrust headlong into a perilous journey
The war with the vile sorcerer, Mordak, ended over twenty years ago, and the land is peaceful. The Jidaan-wielding Guardians who survived have gone their separate ways, settling into more quiet lives. The power in the short-handled, long-bladed spears has slumbered, no longer needed. When the same vision overcomes the Guardians, they know the time has come to awaken the Jidaan once more.
Gart, wielder of the Jidaan of Storms, and the most powerful of the Guardians, sets out on a dangerous quest that will either reunite him with his love or destroy the world. Three evil sorcerers have their own plans for Gart, and they will stop at nothing to get what they want. And all the while, Reyanna’s power struggles for release.
Can Reyanna and the Guardians solve the riddle of the prophecy in time? Or will Gart’s obsession bring about the end of all things?
It’s a fast-paced, exciting epic fantasy adventure set in the world of the Fire of the Jidaan trilogy!
Packed full of action and adventure, The Forge Born Duology is perfect for fans of Dennis L. McKiernan’s Mithgar series, Simon R. Green’s Forest Kingdom tales, or Raymond Feist’s Riftwar Saga.
Readers who enjoy epic fantasy with mages, monsters, swords, sorcery, and heroes battling against all odds will definitely enjoy this series and its predecessor! Thanks for reading, folks!

                            MY REVIEW
 Welcome to Reyanna and the guardians , a world of magic and prophecy. Where evil sorcerers are trying to get what they want from Gart and Reyanna struggles with the power she has . Will Reyanna and her guardians figure out the riddle before Gart bring on the end of the world . 

    Ok let me catch my breath here , I got this book and dived right on in . Well lets say the characters had me hooked from the first chapter . There is a wide range of characters that will have you captivated . Reyanna the main character is feisty and can fight with the best of them . She is a human that has been raised with the noble Weya and she has worked hard to pass all their tests and now she can kick some butt. I truly loved her . Lets talk about Gart , he is well he is crazy and obsessed with reuniting with his love .  There are so many delightful characters in this book and you will find your favourite . Theses are my two .  They are written so well and complex you will want to wrap them up and keep them safe or slap them upside the head and tell them to smarten up . 

   This book has it all action , mystery and magic . The author has a way of taking us on an adventure full of magic and fantasy . I was like with all this authors books was hooked by the end of chapter one .  When you start reading this book you are transported to a place where you can actually see the book in your mind . For me this book kind of has a shall I say it , a Harry Potter feel to it but with swords and kick butt fight scenes .   This book would be great for your teens who love fantasy , I am actually going to gift this book to a friends daughter who loves fantasy . So if you want a great fantasy that will have you hooked this is the book for you . Add it to you summer reading list or your teens reading challenge 

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