Wednesday, July 24, 2019


   Well I must say that this is the wednesdayiness of Wednesday out there today .  Today I have a new author to me and her book WOMEN BEHAVING BADLY by Frances Garrood

                           BOOK BLURB 

An uplifting story of friendship and lost loves ! Perfect for fans of Gill Sims, Sophie Kinsella and Jojo Moyes…

Three women, three affairs, and a self-help group with a difference…

Alice is a harried single mother dealing with a teenage son, an irresponsible ex, and a noncommittal lover.

Mavis is juggling caring for her elderly, confused mother alongside her long-standing affair with a hypochondriac father-of-two.

And Gabs is a high-class escort who’s fallen in love with someone completely unattainable.

All three women are behaving in ways very much frowned upon by the Catholic Church. But their priest, Father Cuthbert is determined to reform them.

As the three women strike up an unlikely friendship, each re-evaluates what is most important them. And it seems the not-so-holy trinity of Alice, Mavis, and Gabs can’t be ‘cured’ that easily…

WOMEN BEHAVING BADLY is an uplifting romantic comedy about women finding their identities and learning the value of female friendships. It's full of humour, wit and tear-jerking reality, from a strong voice in women’s fiction.

                           MY REVIEW 
   Three women all of different classes form a great friendship through a self help group . Each woman has their problems and their quirks .  Alice is trying to keep her teenage son on the straight and narrow while her ex is just a big kid . Mavis well she has her hands full with her elderly mother and tries juggling her long term with a father of two . And then there is Gabs, she is in love with someone that she knows she can't have . oh and did i say that she is a high class call girl .  All three women strike up a great friend ship and play havoc on the church group . 

    These characters are very well written and complex . Each woman has their problems but when they are together they come out well . Alice is sweet but also really frazzled single mom , who is trying to keep it all together .  Gabs is hilarious character , she is sassy feisty and such a fun read . I love her so much
Mavis is the rock that holds them together is some ways . She is strong but also weak in ways that will have you loving her . 

  This is a unique book , I sat down and started reading and was sucked in by the second chapter; each character is charming and they all have some past that interacts with each other . I love that they turn a church group on its head . The author takes us on an emotional fun filled ride through the trials and tribulations of these three women . You will love them and also want to hit them upside the head a few times with some of the stuff they do . I did find a few spots a little boring but it didn't take away from the story line at all .. This would be a great book for any book group and for you summer reading list . Check it out .  


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