Wednesday, July 10, 2019


  Well it is Wednesday and I have a new release from one of my all time favourite authors  BEWITCH ME  by Marianne Morea .

                              BOOK BLURB 

In the flesh, love.
But…you’re dead.
Ah, well. There’s dead and then there’s dead-dead.

Lane Alden stared at the man she once loved. The same man she mourned and never really got over. Yet here he stood, outside the infamous backrooms of the Red Veil, the underground vampire club where blood and sex rule, and anything goes.But anything goes was a distraction she didn’t need. Especially not one that made her mouth water and her nether bits throb. She had a witch to find. A sister witch who went missing after taking a walk on the wild side. Finding a Dark Fae may have played a role in her friend’s disappearance, she can only wonder if the man she loved and lost was back in her life for the same reason. Coincidence? Not a chance.

                          MY REVIEW 
     Holy welcome back to the Red Veil , Where your wildest dreams may come true .  Laney and her best friend Eve decide to head to the infamous Red Veil for a night of fun. When  Laney tries to find her friend in the back rooms , she runs into the man that she thought was long dead , she mourned for him but there he was .  Gareth the man who stole her heart and still has her heart . He is there to help her get her friend back . Will they survive heading to the land of Fae and will they be able to keep their hearts intact and keep their love strong..

    This book has it all Vampires , witches and fae . I love the main characters Laney and Gareth . Laney is a strong woman who likes to have some fun . There is more to her though.  She is tough and sassy and can take care of herself a lot of the time . Gareth well lets just say he has been dipped in the sexy sauce just a few times . He just oozes sex and can tempt even the hardest woman out there . Yes ladies he is cute too . You will want him to hug or climb like a spider monkey.  They are great characters on their own but together they are hot , hot , hot. 

    I was so excited when I found out that there was going to be another book in the Red Veil series . I love this series and when I sat down and devoured the book . I couldn't put it down . The characters are so well written and complex and we get to visit a new realm the land of the faries .  The author brings in characters from the other books and they blend seamlessly into the stories perfectly . There are twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat and there are also some very smexy scenes that might set your kindle on fire .  You can read this story as a stand alone but I am sure that once you dive into the series you will want to read them all . So if you like vampires , witches and faries . This is the book for you . I would add it to your summer reading challenge . It is a great beach read . 

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