Sunday, July 7, 2019


   I hope your weekend is going great and your Sunday is relaxing and full of sunshine . For you Sunday reading I have the second book in the Jackson Investigation series . WILLOW'S CHAOS  by A,J Storm
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Willow’s Chaos

Chaos is one of the most beautiful and horrific pieces of art ever displayed. Built firm, solid, and ripped, his body is his canvas. His unmarked face displays what every woman longs to dream of.

A successful businessman leading an investigative service, he is always searching for those needing help. But deep inside, Chaos has a secret, and he suffers from the pain.

Willow knows how Chaos releases the pressure of life, but he refuses to let her in. With problems of her own, will she let him go, or will she heal herself through helping him?

                        MY REVIEW 
   Welcome back to Austin and the Jackson investigations, we meet Chaos a sexy as sin bad boy with tattoos . One night he is out for the evening where he meets Willow a sweet sexy woman that he shares a dance and a few drinks with. When she walks into his office the next day looking for help , he can't help but take her case .  Will he find her sister and will she open his closed heart and help heal it as she fights to heal her own heart in the process. 

    Ok ladies start fanning yourself right now . Chaos is wow oh wow , he is hot as sin and oh so alpha . He is kind of cocky and man does he have swagger . There are secrets that he is hiding and the only way he can work through it is by getting a tattoo. The pain of a needle helps him releive the pain he is hiding . Trust me ladies you want this man in your life keeping you safe and secure .  What can I say about Willow she is sweet and kind . There is also a very strong desire to help others . She is also hiding hurts and scars from a past that had her not loving her mother.  Howler and the boys are back to help out with the investigation . We also get to hear more about Creeper , I can't wait to read his story . 

     This book is one hot read , I mean just look at the cover , the author did good picking that one out. I mean who doesn't love a man covered in tattoes and built like a brick house. I know I do . Ok enough of my gushing about Chaos . The author takes us on an emotional rollercoaster ride and tackles a pretty hot topic that we know happens but hardly hear about it in the news .  This honestly isn't for the faint of heart there is a lot to handle in this book from ptsd and the trafficking in babies . You are set out for a ride that will keep you on the edge of your seat . Don't worry there is a lot of romance and sexy good times in this book also . So if you want a good series to read check out the Jackson Investigations series , add them to your summer reading list , you will not be disappointed 

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