Monday, July 8, 2019


 Good Monday to you all , today I have a new author to me . Check out BEHESIANS by Isaiyan Morris

                            BOOK BLURB 

From tragedy comes destiny.

Cassidy is a 17-year-old girl being raised by her father in San Diego, California. Her existence is a mixed blessing, full of life but burdened with the knowledge that her mother died while giving birth to her. Her mother’s absence constantly weighs on her mind, but she trusts her loving father to protect her like he’s always done.

Until the day that she discovers the truth.

Cassidy is a Behesian – born with dark magic and the ability to do extraordinary things – and it was her mother’s parting gift to her. She’s not the only one out there and her dark gift makes her the strongest one alive. However, her father has kept her talents a secret, but not for her peace of mind. He works for The Brotherhood, a secretive organization that tracks and studies supernatural people… and his daughter is the perfect test subject.

She finally realizes the crucial decision she faces: either stay with her father, the only family she’s ever known – or join her new Behesian brethren in the ultimate fight for survival.

Behesian is a thrilling Young Adult novel about the choices we make and who we really are. Author Isaiyan Morrison crafts this compelling tale of self-discovery against a backdrop of magic, wonder and fate. Because when the true meaning of family gets lost between the lines, sometimes the only way forward… is through your heart.

                           MY REVIEW 
     Cassidy is a typical 17 year old girl living with her father in San Diego , living a good life but has a ache in her heart knowing that her mother died giving birth to her . She trusts her dad to protect her until the day she finds out the truth . That there is more to her , she is Beshesian , born of dark magic . Will she go and help out the Behesian or stay with the only family she knows . 

    Cassidy is your typicial teenager, living with her dad and step sister . She is sweet and there is a sadness to her also . But when she turns seventeen all things seem to fall apart for her and you really start to see her come into her own . She becomes a fierce character as she comes into her powers. There are many characters in this story , some of them good and some of them bad . A couple of characters i liked besides Cassidy , were Darrien and Milan , they started out as friends but drifted apart because they didn't want the same things in life . They do come back together to do what is right to help everyone out. 

   When I sat down to read this book , I was a little confused I didn't exactly know where the author was going to take me .   I started reading and was just a little confused at the beginning but then I hit chapter 4 and things started making sense to me then bang it really took off . I couldn't put it down the characters jumped out at me and I started to like them . This is a great fantasy book for the youn reader in your life . Your teens will devour it . There are many twists and turns and you will start to care for the characters and want Cassidy to make the right choice .  So if you want a good book for your teens summer reading challenge add it to the list

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