Tuesday, February 18, 2020


 Wow this Tuesday feels so much like a Monday around here . It happens when you have a long weekend of reading . Today I have another new author to me Daphine Moore and her book CIRCLE'S END

                            BOOK BLURB 

Once a leader of the resistance, Nicte bartered her own freedom in exchange for her family’s safety. Now, after years of confinement, she’s free…and determined to liberate her people from the Dominion’s reign of blood and terror. However, with no weapon or magic, her only hope is invoking an ancient legend to help her…if he still lives.
Alfonso Gonzales sacrificed his life and his humanity to fend off the Dominion armies. Now possessed by the spirit Ish, he’s retreated to the jungle to live alone in peace. Then he meets Nicte, who will do anything to convince him to join her in leading a new rebellion…
Circle's End is a standalone short story in the magical and intriguing fantasy series, Justiciar’s Redemption.

                          MY REVIEW 
  When Nicte finally is freed she is determined to free her people from the Dominion reign. She bartered her freedom to save her family. Now it is time to free them all . There is only one problem she has no weapons or magic the only hope she has is to find the ancient legend to help her. She doesn't even know if this legend is still even alive .  Until the day she finds Alfonso Gonzales who is now possessed by the legend she is looking for . She will do anything to get him to help her but will the reluctant legend want to help .

  The characters in this short story are well written , It took me a bit to get to like them . NIcte  well she is feisty and wants to remember what happened to her . She wants to help her family and friends .  I felt that the author wanted to have her totally wiped clean of all memories . Alfonso well he just wants to be left alone . He comes off as a gruff grumpy man . How is pretty good looking too, They are lost souls who need each other but really have a hard time getting past the loneliness to become what each wants and needs . 

   This short story is one of those that when you sit down to read it , it takes you a bit to get into the story. But when you do you are in for an edge of your seat ride . The characters are well written . I would of liked to see the author dive a bit more into them but alas I know it is a short story . I wish we could of seen a little bit more of the legend of Ish . It was sometimes confusing without knowing the full story behind the legend . The author does a good job of mixing dystopia ,ancient cultures and future tech together seamlessly . I can't wait to read more in this series . See where the author takes us . So if you want a good story that you will be thinking over add this to your spring break reading .

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