Wednesday, February 12, 2020


 Well we have made it to Wednesday and its only two days till Valentines day . I hope everyone has a great weekend . I have a new to me author J.R Thorn and her book FORTUNE ACADEMY  year one .

                           BOOK BLURB 

Welcome to Fortune Academy, a school where supernaturals can feel at home—except, I have no idea what the hell I am.

The last thing I remember is arriving at the massive gates with a Bounty Hunter staring me down. I have a feeling he was supposed to take me to the monster holding arena to fight and die. Instead, I'm Fortune Academy's newest student.

I can relate to the monsters in ways the other students can't. My mentor, who is way too hot for his own good, tells me my behavior is the result of my memory loss and that I'm just trying to identify with a past pain that I've buried too far to feel. I think he's wrong. I think the reason I can't relate to any of the students is because I'm one of the monsters they're trained to kill.

I don't fit into any of the supernatural cliques, but that doesn't stop me from collecting bullies. A brawny alpha shifter, a moody dark mage, and a playboy demi-god have decided to break me. They think I don't have any powers and that I was recruited by mistake. It'll be their funeral if they push me too far, because this girl isn't taking any of their shit.

My name is Lily Fallen, but don't let my pretty face fool you. I'm a monster in a school uniform and it's only a matter of time before I teach my bullies a lesson they won't forget. 

Fortune Academy: Year One is the first of three novels in an upper YA/NA paranormal academy series. Expect a slow-burn enemies-to-lovers romance where there are five guys and no choosing required!

                            MY REVIEW 
   What do you do when you awaken in an alley way not remembering anything . You find out you are a supernatural and you were called to the bar where you start to work not knowing what you are . Until the day a bounty hunter finds you and takes you away . You realize that you are more but you still don't know what you are . You end up at an super natural academy and you are their new student . Lily Fallen has to figure out what she is and in the mean time she is not going to let the other super naturals push her around . They may end up with a big surprise . 
   The characters are vast and varied in this book . Lily is a sweet girl , with blonde hair and gorgeous eyes but she really doesn't know what she is . At first she was kind of hard to like cause honestly she whined a lot . But as you get into the book you see her grow and realize that she is more and even though she screws up there are others there to help her. The cliques in the academy remind me of the ones that are in high school . They are all out for themselves and will hold back the one person that is different and they can't figure out what or who they are. The men in this book are oh so smoking hot and sexy you just want to be with them all in one way or another . You will love them trust me . 
     I sat down and started this book I was having a bit of trouble at the beginning to get into the story .  The first couple of chapters were kind of slow but as I read the story picked up and I couldn't put the book down . There are Demigods , muses , dark mages . werewolves and so much more in the academy . We find out there is more going on in the Academy then meets the eye . The author mixes each genre in very nicely . The characters are well written and you will love them and hate them at the same time . This is a good first book in the series and yes there are a few typos but you hardly notice them . There is a sex scene at the end of the book but I will say its not that graphic . I am thinking that your late teenagers would like this book and so will you . So if you want a good read for your long weekend coming up check it out 

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