Sunday, February 16, 2020


  Welcome to a Sunday post for me . Today I have a new cozy mystery for you by a new author to me . CUPCAKES AND A CAUSALITY  by Kat McGee

                           BOOK BLURB 

Nothing’s worse than a witch who can’t magic. Just ask Harper Dade…

Add baking disasters, a murder and a severe onset of wishcraft? Neither Willow Hollow nor Harper may ever be the same.

The discovery of the body in the middle of the cupcake creation class threatens to ruin their tourist season. Taste of Magic Bakery’s reputation is under attack. And Harper’s fresh start in the magic-imbued town crumbles.

As if things can’t get any worse, Bub the cat shows up as her familiar. And since it’s the night of the full moon, by all things witchy, the pesky feline has a lot to say, such as, “Trouble rode a broomstick down Main Street and is here to stay.”

                      MY REVIEW 
   There is nothing worse then not being able to do magic , just ask Harper Dade . While Willow and Harper are trying to figure out who or what killed a local in their bakery and why are they having so many baking disasters . They work hard to figure it all out and to top it all of her familar shows up as bub the cat and wants to be heard . Will Harper ever survive the happenings that are happening . 

   The characters are cute and quirky and well written . Harper is a witch without magic and she is in a place where magic is happening every day . She feels like she is the odd man out. Afrer divorcing her husband after he ran off with her inheritance she is lost and wants to find a place to be . She is feisty and just wants to fit in. 

   This book was one of those cozy mysteries where you sit down to read it and well can't figure out how it is going to work out . The mystery of who killed Lewanda had me interested enough to keep reading . As I read i found some of it to be hard to read . I just felt that it kind of dragged and just didn't really gel together . It felt off and a little difficult to read . Don't get me wrong the characters were well written and with any cozy mystery the characters are quirky . Over all i did enjoy this book and honestly want to see what happens in book two . So if you want a quirky cozy mystery this is the one for you 

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